L.A. Fights – The Next Big Thing In Wrestling?

Nigel_McGuinnessAs a massive long-time Ring of Honor fan, I can say that one of my favourite heel runs was by the incredible Nigel McGuinness. Once he modified his persona and his in-ring style, he moved from simply being a “Pure Wrestling Champion” to somebody who could potentially rule the wrestling world.

If you haven’t had a chance to view his documentary yet, take a few minutes to do so here at The Last of McGuinness. The story of someone almost reaching their dream and failing to realize that dream due to no real fault of their own is something a lot of people can relate to. The fact that clinical depression probably had to do with how Nigel reacted to how his life turned out really hits home to me, as well (it’s certainly something that is widespread in professional wrestling, yet rarely talked about).

I’ll be honest…I didn’t contribute to Nigel’s first Kickstarter project. I was interested in his documentary, but I didn’t have the funds to donate much of anything to it. And being completely honest here, I thought the project would be backed by other people and I would be able to view the documentary once it became available on torrent sites (yeah, I know…I’m a douche).

When I heard about Nigel’s newest endeavor, LA Fights, I decided to actually watch his videos and read his words to find out more about the project.

Then I saw that Nigel’s documentary was available to watch for free on YouTube. After the kids had opened their gifts on Christmas morning and went off to their rooms, I spent 90 minutes watching his documentary. Because I wasn’t entirely sure about things and the holidays had pretty much tapped me out, I decided to donate one dollar. Primarily, I just wanted to stay updated on the project through video updates.

After a few hours, though, I received an email (yes…on Christmas Day!). The email was from Kickstarter but, more importantly, from Nigel McGuinness himself:

“Hey ZAH.

It’s Christmas day but I nonetheless wanted to take the time to personally thank you for backing the project. Really means a lot to me that at this time of year when spare money can be scarce you valued the project and me enough to get behind it. Every single dollar helps so thank you. If you can keep pushing it on social media throughout the funding process that’d be awesome. I’ll be doing everything I can to reward your support and make this a reality. Cheers again, you rock.”

Two things immediately happened once I read the email:

  1. I felt like shit for only donating one dollar.
  2. I felt like donating more because the person behind the project took the time to email me personally about a one dollar donation.

Think about that for a second. He took time on CHRISTMAS DAY to email some Canadian shlub for his shitty one dollar donation.

Yes, I realize the majority of the email was probably a copy/paste job that he sent to everybody who donated, but that didn’t matter to me. I immediately logged into my Kickstarter account and bumped my donation up to $20. I emailed him to let him know that I believed in him and his project, and didn’t think much of it again. Maybe I’d get another chain-email sent back to me.

Instead, I received this:

ZAH, that is so kind of you. I really appreciate it and only hope I can get this thing funded to reward your support and faith in me and the project.

Again…this was on Christmas Day.

So I’ve done what I can…I’m all about LA Fights and want to see something new and different and intriguing and intelligent as it pertains to professional wrestling. I don’t want to see talented performers relegated to ballroom dancers and having to slink into the couch embarrassed because my wife rolls her eyes at what I’m watching. I want to not only feel excited about the product, but be proud to say I’m a fan again.

I think Nigel’s got that potential product. And whether it’s $1 or $10,000, if you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you owe it to yourself to donate to this project to see if we can be proud of the industry again.


RAW Thoughts

After two pretty solid weeks in a row, how would RAW stack up with a live event taking place in Richmond, VA? Would there be enough star power to carry the show? I guess we’ll find out…

Edge & Christian– It’s awesome to see Edge & Christian back in a WWE ring together again. I like how the commentators are telling us they’re “childhood friends”. I mean, they ARE…but when did WWE drop the whole “brothers” thing? It was refreshing, though, to have two guys who could truly work the mic work off of each other like that. It didn’t come across as being 100% scripted and people reacted to it. If only WWE could find people like that again…

Lesnar &  Heyman– Watching Brock Lesnar interact with Paul Heyman is absolute genius. It’s the little things that go a very long way to make things look as realistic as possible. They can ensure that Lesnar doesn’t look like he’s scared while still making John Cena look like he chased Lesnar away. It’s a whole intricate cat and mouse game that needs to be given its due.

Ziggler vs Rusev– I love the Rusev gimmick. I gotta be honest…I wasn’t sold on Rusev when I first saw him do his pre-ring ritual in NXT. I thought he was some kind of sumo wrestler mixed with MMA ability with zero direction or personality. Bring in Lana and give him a Russian background and, all of a sudden, you’ve got an incredibly hot gimmick and a potential main event player. This guy is learning by leaps and bounds.

– And as if he needed any more kudos, Dolph Ziggler does such an incredible job that I don’t see how he can’t be viewed as the MVP of 2014. He makes EVERYBODY he’s in the ring with look better. He’s like a combination of Curt Hennig and Ric Flair. He’s simply the best seller I’ve seen in well over a decade and his comebacks are realistic and have people popping for him.

Rusev v Ziggler

– Having said all that, it was a pretty lame finish to the match. But really…what else could they do than continue to build on Ryback’s momentum?

– #SteroidGuy #ImADumbFuck

Ryback– I gotta say…kudos (again) to WWE for trying to actually give Ryback some kind of reason for people to cheer for him. I mean, while he’s been getting pops with the “Feed Me More” chants and for when he attacks Rusev, there was still a big “Why in the heck should I cheer for this asshole?” thought process going through the live crowds. So finally…after three years…he gave a “heart-felt” promo that was meant to build him up as a genuine babyface that people can believe in. While I still think he’s a talentless fucktard, you HAVE to give WWE credit for at least TRYING to put him over. And giving credit where it’s due, Ryback delivered a pretty decent promo.

ugh– I don’t care about these Total Diva matches. I don’t care about the Bellas, I don’t care about Natalya. I don’t care about the “issues” going on with Tyson Kidd and Natalya and Nikki. It’s all Total Bullshit and I flip around the channels whenever they’re on. Now the NXT Divas? That’s a whole other story…

Miz & Naomi– On the other hand, I was actually intrigued with the whole Miz / Uso / Naomi storyline. It didn’t really seem forced (even if the acting had been atrocious). I actually WANTED to see what happened next. Of course, we were told after the match that the Uso clan were playing Miz all along, so there won’t be any payoff at all. Another missed opportunity.

USO CRAZY– I’ll fully admit that I popped for the false finishes in the tag team title match. What’s more incredible is that Miz actually wrestled the whole match against the Usos on his own. I know it was all part of the storyline, but I gotta give credit where it’s due. And honestly, I didn’t think the Usos were going to win the titles last night. I thought that Miz & Mizdow were going to move onto another team, so I popped for the title switch, too.

Cesaro– I can’t tell you just how awesome it was to see Cesaro given a minute or so of promo time. Will it result in anything? Doubtful…and that’s a shame. I almost think they’re trying to show Cesaro as a “Stone Cold” type of wrestler with no entrance, no elaborate ring gear, and just black tights with a black t-shirt. He wants to go in there and kick ass. Of course, as he mentioned, “decision makers” don’t think he connects with audiences. Giving him a microphone will certainly help.

BNB– So is Bad News Barrett back as a babyface?? I can’t lie…that’s a pretty awesome. I mean, he’s one of those guys who has been so entertaining that you WANT to cheer for him. They could have easily brought him back as a heel, but giving him a face run is certainly a no-risk gamble for WWE. Give it a shot…what have they got to lose?

– All in all, it was a pretty good match considering the limited time both men had.

King of Swing

Sweet Dreams– It was nice to see Luke Harper deliver a promo, albeit a short pre-taped one. They need to give him more personality now that he’s no longer a member of the Wyatt Family. He needs his own personality…and the promo helped move that right along. I mean, his intro music and “eyes only” back-drop is fantastically entertaining (as are all of the cellphone lights that continue to be lit with his entrance), so it’s good to have a promo to go along with it to make a total package.

Harper v Swagger– So is Zeb Colter still injured somehow? Or is Colter just “gone” now? I mean…does that mean that Jack Swagger is officially back to being a jobber again? With Zeb along, it was always a toss-up…but with him gone, I guess it’s a done deal now. Don’t get me wrong, I think Swagger is a good hand and totally capable in the ring. But let’s face it…some people have “it”, some people don’t. And some people don’t fucking bitch and moan about it like Zack Ryder…hence they get more opportunities.

Rollins v Reigns– I was a little surprised that WWE was giving away Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns on RAW for free. I was even more surprised that it wasn’t placed in the main event slot. Of course, once I saw the match play out I realized why it wasn’t the main event. I fully realize that both Rollins and Reigns are capable of a better back-and-forth match (especially Reigns), so I’ll blame whomever was the agent backstage. The post-match “possible injury angle” was well done, too. Reigns knows how to sell, so that should bode well for him down the road.

Big Show kills commentary– The whole “Big Show heel turn excuse” is ridiculous and to hear him whine about it on commentary didn’t help the lame-ass reason get over with me. His incessant ramblings during the match actually put him over as a heel with me, though. Guest commentary kills matches. Period.

YES– Okay…I popped for Daniel Bryan‘s announcement. I’ve never given Bryan props for his promo skills, but he actually had me for a second there…thinking he was going to retire after initially believing it was a swerve. That, my friends, is why I love wrestling. He actually had me…then when he told the world that he’d be a participant in the 2015 Royal Rumble, I popped along with the crowd. Well done, Daniel Bryan…well done.

 – The Ascension finally debuted. Meh.


Cutting Edge Peep Show– I realize that they only had half of the roster with them tonight, but to push a dragged-out talking segment to end the evening was a little much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about trying to get Seth Rollins over as a main eventer and he needs to talk on the mic as much as possible in order to make that happen.

C'mon John!

– I saw an excellent tweet this morning by Matt Hardy, pointing out a glaring error in WWE’s continuity:

– So yeah…Cena could have stopped Rollins anyway and, apparently, WWE management/medical staff had no problem with attempted paralysis on a non-performer. Excellent points, Mr. Hardy.

The Authority– I won’t lie, though…I’m not upset that The Authority is back in power. Sure, it happened a LOT sooner than I expected and using Edge as a way to do it was a little odd and “out there”, but I don’t have a problem with it. Seeing Rollins and Big Show as part of a faction isn’t bad, either.

Overall, it was an okay show. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great, either. They made up for a lack of stars by having a couple of really long matches and a couple of debuts. Throw in a title change and The Authority coming back into power, and those things made-up for the lack of overall star power.

The Jets Have Nobody To Blame But Woody

So the New York Jets have fired head coach Rex Ryan.

rex ryanLet me say that I became a fan of the Jets primarily because of Ryan. Being a fan of the NFL and living on the east coast of Canada, I grew up not being a fan of any team in particular. Sure, the New England Patriots were the closest team and most of my friends were fans, but I didn’t really care for them much and they were perennial losers at the time (i.e. the Drew Bledsoe era).

sanchez-draftSo I just drifted along…loving whatever team I had the most fantasy players on. Then, back in 2009, I watched the draft and heard the rumblings about how Rex Ryan wanted to take the Jets to the SuperBowl. I watched them draft Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene. I watched the Jets build a team over the next two seasons that included Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, LaDainian Tomlinson, Jerricho Cotchery, Braylen Edwards, Dustin Keller and Darrelle Revis.

jets-afc-champs-gear-bpThe Jets went to the AFC championship game two years in a row, using a combination of incredible defense, super-tough running, and a safe, balanced attack through the air. In 2011 and 2012, though, the cracks began to show. The burden was placed more on Sanchez and less on the running/defensive game. Smart decisions fell to the wayside and allowed interceptions to come to the forefront.

Why did the Jets fall so quickly so fast? Was it all Ryan’s fault? Was it all Sanchez’s fault? Was it all the GM’s fault?

By the 2012 season, the Jets had no running game and no offensive line. This left Mark Sanchez scrambling ALL the time and, ultimately, throwing the ball way too much. By this time, though, Sanchez didn’t have anybody to throw to other than a returning Edwards and a tired Keller. Because the defense was banged up (Revis ended up on IR), they were always playing from behind…resulting in more throws and less game management.

And don’t even get me started about the Tim Tebow debacle.


In 2014, hopes were high for the Jets. They had a ton of salary cap room and there were a number of free agents on the market. They had seven picks in the first five rounds of the draft. Things were looking really good.

Then, inexplicably, second year general manager John Idzik decided that this should be the year that he drop the ball and completely fuck the team.

John-IdzikHarsh? Maybe. Incorrect? Well…

  • Did anybody think that Geno Smith was a star quarterback when he was drafted?
  • Why didn’t they make a play to bring back Darrelle Revis?
  • Why didn’t they draft more O-Line help other than OT Dakota Dozier in the 4th round?
  • They drafted TE Jace Amaro with their 2nd round pick.
  • They released Antonio Cromartie when their secondary was in bad shape.
  • They released Santonio Holmes when they didn’t have any other WR starter.

Michael Vick - Geno SmithThey made a few moves in free agency that seemed decent, though none were meant to do much but add depth. They picked up free agents Eric Decker from the Broncos, Michael Vick from the Eagles, and Chris Johnson from the Titans.

The only spectacular move they made was trading for Percy Harvin in October…but by that time it was too late for both Ryan and Idzik.

Percy Harvin

So did Idzik fuck the Jets? In my opinion, yes. He drafted poorly and did next to nothing in the free agent pool. Who was available? RB Rashad Jennings, RB Knowshon Moreno, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, RB Donald Brown, RB Toby Gerhart, WR DeSean Jackson, WR Jeremy Maclin, WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Julian Edelman, WR Anquan Boldin, WR Golden Tate, TE Dennis Pitta, TE Brandon Pettigrew, TE Owen Daniels, and a slew of offensive line players.

Sure, hindsight is 20/20…but can you not look at the free agent pool from last off-season and see that the ball was dropped? Can you not look at the draft and see the head-scratching picks?

At the end of the day, Rex Ryan did NOT deserve to be fired. The players LOVED him and his defense consistently ranked in the top half of the league…even over the past couple of years.

He was set up to fail by an incompetent general manager who didn’t know what he was doing. Ryan was given a poor offense and they responded in kind. I can’t imagine that Ryan will be on the market too long before another team swoops in and picks him up…giving him actual tools to work with.

The Jets? Ugh…they’ve only owner Woody Johnson to blame as they, once again, start a rebuilding period for the second time in five years.


My Top 5 Movies of 2014

There were a ton of movies released this year, and like most other years the majority of them seemed to suck. I mean, some of them REALLY sucked. There were, however, some really good exceptions. So while I obviously haven’t seen every single movie released this year, these movies were, in my opinion, the best of the best in 2014:

  1. Godzilla

Godzilla_(2014)_posterI initially had Gone Girl as my choice here (excellent movie, by the way), but I have to go with my gut on this one. I mean…I’m not some “movie snob” so why should I care if I loved a cheesy movie or not? To me, this was the monster movie I’d been waiting for. After getting teases of brilliance with Cloverfield (one of my Top 10 all-time favourite movies) and Pacific Rim (thoughts on that movie can be found here), I wanted something that was monster-centric and yet still realistic. While it was a little “coincidental” that <insert lead character> kept ending up where the monster was (and vice versa), the seriousness that is put into the film was a welcome relief from the constant needs of these movies to have comic relief (i.e. the original Godzilla reboot with Matthew <insert last name>). While this didn’t hit all cylinders, it was a tremendous reboot and left me with a feeling of wanting more from a sequel.

  1. Begin Again

begin againAs soon as I saw the trailer for this movie, being the music fan that I am, I wanted to see it. I’m so glad that I did because this was a movie full of great music, great performances, and a simple yet unique concept. Keira Knightly does an incredible job singing in this movie (and yes, that’s her real voice) and Mark Ruffalo does a fantastic job of playing an end-of-his-rope music executive who is desperate to find something real that inspires him to love music again. Entertaining performances by Hailee Steinfeld, Cee-Lo Green, and Catherine Keener help round out a really good cast and add credibility to the film.

  1. Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets-Most-Wanted-PosterI wanted to like this movie. I wanted to LOVE this movie. Upon initially seeing it with my family in the theatre, however, I was underwhelmed. Still, I went home and downloaded the soundtrack because I thought a couple of the songs were better than the songs from the previous film (the incredibly entertaining The Muppets). Once released on blu-ray, I decided to pick up a copy for the kids and give it another shot. I’m so glad I did! This movie had me smiling, laughing, and singing along to the world of ridiculousness that make up The Muppets. The new villain, Constantine, was super-entertaining and I picked up on a number of little inside jokes and one-liners that I didn’t catch the first time around. Add to that some great performances by Ty Burrell, Ricky Gervais, and Tiny Fey and you’ve got one heck of a fun family movie.

  1. Chef

chef posterI wasn’t sure what this movie was going to be like. I wanted to like it but was fearful that it would disappoint. Thankfully, those fears were put to rest quite early in the movie. Jon Favreau combines three current social trends (food trucks, cooking programs, and social media) into an original (yet pretty simple) concept for a movie and turns in an extremely likeable performance as a chef simply looking to find himself, both professionally and personally. The great thing about this movie isn’t just the performances; it’s the ability to make you smile at both the script and the cameos (Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Robert Downey, Jr.). Really, the whole movie is just one big smile. I absolutely loved it.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-PosterWithout a doubt, this was THE BEST movie of 2014. I never read the comics, so I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in the theatre with my son. I was extremely entertained by the movie trailer, so I was really looking forward to the movie itself. Little did I realize just how fantastic it would be. There is a lot of hype around this movie, and with good reason. It’s fun, it’s action-packed, it’s inventive, it’s stunning, and it’s original. The performances (from Chris Pratt’s star-making role as Peter Quill to the incredibly realistic “walking tree with a personality” Groot) are spectacular, the script is awesome, and everything about it is why I love movies in the first place. I honestly felt as entertained as I was the first time I saw Star Wars as a kid. I honestly don’t know how they’re ever going to improve on this because, quite frankly, I think it’s movie perfection.


What are your thoughts? What movie was YOUR favourite this year?

My Top 5 Songs of 2014

I’m a massive music fan. In fact, I almost went into radio as a full-time career until my dad talked me out of it while I was still in high school (of course, that’s another story for another time). I spent the majority of the 90’s DJ-ing in clubs and bars and was even the program director of my university’s radio station for a term.

As such, I listen to a TON of music. Plus, being the geek that I am, I like to track my listening habits using Last.fm. I decided to go back 12 months and see what my top five most played songs of the year were. These are the results…

  1. Anything – Hedley

This is a Canadian band that grew from one of the few seasons we had of “Canadian Idol”. The lead singer was a standout on that show (he didn’t win) and helped his band get signed to a record deal. They’ve been one of the top pop-rock bands in the country over the past decade. This song is different and vibrant and full of life (as is the video).

  1. Odds are – Barenaked Ladies

Yes, the Ladies are still around and yes, they’re still making pretty good music. This song may not have found the audience that it did if it weren’t for the fun video they made to go along with it. While I still pine away for the days when Steven Page was in the band, they seem to be doing a fine job without him.

  1. Jealous (I ain’t with it) – Chromeo

Another Canadian band (I know, right?) who I first heard about in a Buzzfeed article. Y’know…one of those “this is the song you didn’t know you needed in your life” type of article. I decided to give it a shot and was immediately hooked. I said to myself, “Yeah…THIS is a hit”. It took all of two months for local radio stations to play it, and my step-daughters thought I was the cool dad because they had been listening to it in the car for a couple of months now. Good for me, right?

  1. Rude – Magic!

My wife has come to hate this song because it was so overplayed, but I still enjoy listening to this Canadian band’s #1 single. It’s always cool to see a “local” band (i.e. Canadian…doesn’t matter where they’re from) do well outside of our own country. It’s also great to see a Canadian top the Billboard Hot Singles chart, because that’s a rare occasion. While none of us may ever hear from this band again, at least they gave us this one incredible song.

  1. Pompeii – Bastille

From the second I heard the opening vocals, I thought this was THE song of the year for me. I became addicted to the song and had to see if it was as good live as it was recorded. After seeing a few different live performances on YouTube, I found myself becoming a big Bastille fan. They are super-talented and aren’t just some “studio band”. They can play, they can write, and they can sing. But really, at the end of the day it’s just an incredibly catchy song and definitely my most-played of the entire year.


So what about YOU? What was YOUR favourite song of 2014?

RAW Thoughts

With Christmas only two days away and a marquee match-up on Monday Night Football, I didn’t have high expectations for RAW this week. How did things turn out?

Rollins vs Cena– Yet another great match between John Cena and Seth Rollins. I’ll give credit where it’s deserved: when Cena wants to work, he can work. Is he incredibly awesome? No…but he’s certainly a very good worker when motivated. There’s something about hangin’ with a future main-event player like Rollins that has lit a spark under Cena’s ass. Was it 5-stars? Of course not, but it was a damn solid match in spite of the “Super Cena” ending. Ugh.

Fandango & Whatshername– I don’t understand the pushing of the “New and Improved” Fandango. This version is 100 times worse than the original version. If they only got behind him like this in the beginning and gave him legit wins over more people than just Chris Jericho…maybe the gimmick wouldn’t have died off so much. People WANTED to get behind him, but the WWE machine didn’t. Now we’ve got a ridiculously bad reboot and they keep trying to convince us that it’s “new and improved”. Sorry, WWE…it’s not. Bring back the old Fandango. As silly as he was, it was better than what you’ve got now.

– We FINALLY got the Adam Rose heel turn!! I couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to see what they do with him next.

Adam Rose heel turn

Reigns vs Show-How bad is it that I completely forgot to write about the Big Show vs Roman Reigns match until reviewing the photos on WWE.com from last night? I mean…wow. That speaks volumes to me. Of course, it could very well just be me. I like Reigns and think he’s got a great chance to get over and succeed at WrestleMania in being the “next big thing”, but I just had nothing but yawns for this particular match-up. I didn’t care and, I’m guessing, most viewers probably didn’t care, either.

Nattie– Whoever is doing Natalya‘s make-up needs to stop. I like the overall look of Natalya, but her make-up has her looking more and more like a porn star….and that’s NOT a good look for her.

Tyson Kidd– And listen…if you’re going to have the stars do things inside the ring after the match is over, shouldn’t you ensure your director doesn’t cut away from the action?? I had to hear Michael Cole tell me that Nattie looked upset at Tyson Kidd. Well…shouldn’t I have seen that instead of bad Bella acting? I guess I initially missed it, but Kidd picked up and wore Nikki Bella‘s hat at some point during the match. Thankfully, Twitter let me know that after the fact (must’ve been when I switched over to MNF).

– Who is approving these Ascension promos? They’re almost as bad as the wrestlers are inside the ring. Plus…they look ridiculous.

The Ascension

– I’ll give Cody Rhodes this much…the changing of the colours makes the Stardust character slightly more interesting. It’s still a Lance Von Erich/Kamala II situation, though.Stardust

Harper vs ZigglerLuke Harper is quickly becoming “the total package”. I realize that the match was designed to get over Dolph Ziggler as being the guy who can overcome all the odds, but Harper put on one hell of a wrestling clinic. He’s not a prototypical big-guy heel punch and kick artist. Instead, he’s a complete wrestler and has a fantastic gimmick. He’s going to be a guy WWE relies on for a very long time.

Dolph Ziggler– And Ziggler? I’m absolutely SHOCKED that WWE is getting behind him like they are, even with the old-school “I did it for the fans” post-match interview. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for it, but I’m just shocked that it’s happening. My fear is that WWE tries to force Ziggler on us in an unnatural way in an attempt to re-make Daniel Bryan‘s big run last year. Ugh…I hope that’s not the case.

#SteroidGuy– Kudos to WWe to getting ahead of the Ryback backlash by having him get into a feud with the biggest heel in the company, Rusev. I, for one, will be cheering for the Russian over Steroid Guy.  I’m already sick of “The Big Guy”, but that’s because he acts like an asshole…whether he’s a babyface or a heel. Unfortunately, the WWE sheep still enjoy chanting “feed me more”…which means that he’s over with (probably) most of the WWE universe. I feel bad for those people. They should really cheer for who they want to cheer for, not who WWE wants them to cheer for.

Xmas Mizdow– Nothing I can say about Damien Mizdow that I haven’t already said over the past few weeks. The match between The Miz & Jay Uso (or was it Jimmy? Does it matter?) was a solid 5-minute mid-card match. Nothing great, but nothing wrong with it. It continues the tag team feud without hurting anybody. It was exactly what it needed to be. I will say this: I am a bit surprised as just HOW over Mizdow is. Will that continue? It’s hard to say…but he should enjoy the ride while he still can.

Wyatt v Ambrose– You gotta love a 30-minute + main event, especially when it’s a great match between two future mega-stars in Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. They both took a silly concept match (Miracle on 34th Street Fight?) and provided an entertaining, hard-hitting match. Sure, they sold for empty cardboard boxes and plastic Christmas trees, but they did it in a way that wasn’t too comedic or over-the-top. Don’t kid yourselves…that takes talent. And the match itself, even if you take away the silly gimmick, was really good. I thought they made it about as realistic as they could without bringing blood into the mix. And I’ll be honest…I was REALLY surprised to see Bray Wyatt pick up the pinfall win. The way they set up the finish was brilliant…I just didn’t see it coming until the end (I thought they had forgotten about the kendo stick set up in the corner). Again, this was a finish that ensured neither man was made to look bad as the loss didn’t hurt Ambrose at all.

Wyatt v Ambrose

All in all, it was a great way to finish a very good episode of RAW. With a couple of exceptions, the wrestling was at the forefront and the silliness was left to a minimum. That, to me, made for a show that was definitely better than average..

Oh…and Jerry Lawler had an incredible Christmas sweater last night. How can you NOT love that?