RAW Thoughts

WWE is in a creative rut right now. I mean they’re in a serious, creative rut. And if you take any of what CM Punk said at face value, then the company is deliriously out of touch with their core audience.

Here are some of my thoughts from last night’s show…

  • How bad is their creative rut when they have to bring the “Anonymous RAW General Manager” back? The gimmick died a horrible, boring death a couple of years ago. Why bring it back? Ridiculous.
  • The New Day“The New Day” is a TERRIBLE gimmick. Three talented guys could have had a killer heel faction going, but WWE decided to go all “Brodus Clay” on them and make them silly, pandering babyfaces to a very tepid reaction.
  • The Uso’s are, simply put, one of the best tag teams in the world today. People can throw around names like the Young Bucks or the American Wolves or even Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows…but the Uso’s are fantastic.
  • Rose v BunnyAdam Rose…please just turn heel already. Kick the stuffing out of that stupid bunny and start winning matches. I really think he’s got a great shot of being something uniquely different (almost like a new age Adrian Street meets Honky Tonk Man), and that’s something WWE is in desperate need of. #ImARosebud
  • I like where they are going with Erick Rowan’s character where he’s actually a borderline genius and an award-winning winemaker who doesn’t like bullies. He walks with a bit more “weirdness” and looks to be quite an intriguing gimmick if they give it enough time.
  • Other than massive crowd indifference towards her babyface run, did they ever explain why Brie decided being Nikki’s bitch for a month should result in a heel turn?
  • New FandangoI love Fandango but this new entrance with Rosa Mendez is fucking terrible. Rosa can’t dance for shit and the whole thing is awkward. Really…Summer Rae should have been brought back for this gimmick. It’s a terrible waste of Fandango’s talent and this untalented diva is only bringing him down…and that’s saying something because the gimmick is bad enough.
  • I love Rusev. And no, it’s not just because Lana is absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented in her role. Rusev has been fantastic and kudos to WWE for gradually bringing him…letting him squash people until he improved in the ring. Now he’s ready for a kick-ass U.S. title run and he’s getting prepared for his eventual world title run.
  • You gotta love how they’re already teasing the Undertaker vs Sting at WrestleMania as a “dream match”. It’s not, but it will be if WWE tells the fans it is.
  • I love the “shoot nature” that the whole Uso vs Miz slap incident came off as. THIS is the kind of entertainment that people want.
  • Bray WyattIf you want to see the future of the WWE, look no further than Bray Wyatt. He’s got the ability to be an insane psycho heel or a HUGE babyface, given a bit of time.
  • AJ Lee is, without question, the greatest diva in the world today. From mic skills to in-ring ability to selling ability to being HOT AS HELL. She’s everything. It’s no wonder Punk married her. The best in the world should end up with the best in the world.
  • I had zero desire to watch the main event, but I was hoping that Rollins, Ziggler, and Harper would keep the momentum going.
  • aFSUegXThe announcers sound stupid when they try to push nicknames on people. Like calling Erick Rowan “Big Red” or Ryback “the Big Guy”?? C’mon guys…stop insulting our intelligence. #DumbAsFuck
  • I love Harper. I don’t know if I see him as a champion, but he’s got size, ability, agility, and personality to go along with a unique gimmick. He’s got a lot of tools to become one of the best big-men the sport has ever seen. Only time will tell, though.
  • Kane really needs to retire. Y’know when they talk about guys who have “lost a step”? They’re describing Kane. He needs to realize it’s time to gracefully exit the squared circle and be happy with a 20 year career.

All in all, it was a pretty uneventful edition of RAW. We got some matches official for the TLC PPV, but other than that nothing much really happened. What did YOU think?


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