…on the Walking Dead Season 5 mid-season finale

Nothing screams out “mid-season finale” like a bullet to the skull.

Maybe TWO bullets, but that’s what The Walking Dead does to people: makes you jump back and say “DAYUMMM!!”


I’ll be the first to admit, though…Beth’s demise didn’t bother me that much. I know that she was a popular character in the show but, if you know the storyline arc of the comic book, she wasn’t necessary for the story to continue.

In fact, I’d dare say that she was at the top of my “main characters to die at mid-season” list anyway. Realistically, these characters were in danger of being killed off:

  • Beth
  • Tara
  • Carol

Let’s quickly analyze these options:


Beth was the moral compass of the group. Whenever that happens, they’re on borrowed time. It’s weird because there hasn’t really been a lot of focus on Beth over the past couple of seasons. She had that one episode with Darryl in the woods in Season 4 but then was pretty much forgotten about until a few episodes ago when she woke up in an Atlanta hospital.

I found it odd that so much time and effort was placed on her and a storyline that has nothing to do with the comics. It just made sense that she was close to her demise because she was being built-up in a way to make people fall in love with her and how much she had grown as a character. That’s what this show does: builds you up to tear you down.

Having said that, the entire visit back to Atlanta has been fascinating to watch. I had to re-watch Season 2 to see the episode where the government napalmed the city because I had forgotten all about it. To see the after-effects of that was very interesting. From the burnt buildings to the melted walkers, kudos to the show for making this side-adventure so damn interesting.


Seriously…what’s she doing here? I mean, she seems like a nice person and all, but unless the show writers have something serious for her I don’t see the point in keeping her alive. Her entire back story has been obliterated with the fall of the prison, so why is she still around? She’s not popular enough of a character to have the fans demand she be kept (ex: Darryl) alive so I’m confused about her purpose.


Before everybody freaks out, Carol isn’t a main character in the comic book. In fact, I’m shocked she’s stayed alive this long. Every time they save her, that just tells me she’s one step closer to actually dying. She may not be the moral compass that Beth was or the positive reinforcement that Bob was, but she’s definitely a positive influence on the entire group. Having her die would throw the group into a massive downward spiral, which would make for some great television.

At this point, the great thing about the show is that you just don’t know who’s going to die next. It’s nice to see some newer characters still around (i.e. Eugene, Rosita, Gabriel), but you just know that other than the “big two” (i.e. Rick & Darryl), nobody is safe.

And on top of all that, you have to wait until February before you see what happens next…


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