Grabbing That Brass Ring

As if anybody needed another reason why Vince McMahon is out of touch with his current fanbase, it was a quote from the Steve Austin Podcast last week. Thankfully, a meme was quickly created that did two things:

1. Prove McMahon’s statement to be incorrect.

2. Prove McMahon is only looking for a “certain type” of wrestler…still. Regardless of whether or not he has been proven wrong by merch sales from other wrestlers or entire arenas standing behind somebody, he refuses to truly give-in to the “ordinary looking wrestler” and continues to look for a superhero.

Brass ringAnd how crazy is it that out of all of the exerpts that could have put on YouTube, THIS was the one they used??

C’mon, Vince…of COURSE the wrestlers are afraid. Of COURSE they’re not as ambitious. When you’ve been beaten down enough and realize there are no alternatives unless you tow the company line, how do you expect them to succeed and thrive and grow?



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