RAW Thoughts

OMG…the Slammy Awards Show.The whole thing was just one, long, dragged-out affair. What a brutal show. And they wanted this to be the “go-home” show for the TLC PPV this Sunday? I just don’t understand WWE’s logic sometimes.

Here are some of my thoughts from last night’s show…

  • MizdowTo me, the obvious question for the star of RAW last night, Damien “Mizdow”, is how will WWE take advantage of his burgeoning popularity? At this point, the fans are firmly behind Mizdow and they are really enjoying his gimmick. But once he splits from Miz, what happens then? Does he still mimic people while on his own? Does he become a different and unique character? I just don’t see what the end-game will be for Mizdow, and that concerns me because he is an extremely talented all-around performer and I’d hate to see him have to scratch his way back up from the bottom again.
  • I was surprised that they threw Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins on as a throw-away match on free television. Let’s face it, neither man can afford a loss at this point. Rollins still needs to be pushed as the next big thing and Ziggler is on a huge roll after Survivor Series. To me, this is PPV-feud worthy and they have the potential to have a match of the year given enough time with enough build-up. Too bad for Ziggler. I don’t see how that helps him OR the PPV.
  • The New DayI now they’re having fun and all with this new gimmick, but the deafening apathy with half of the crowd clapping along with The New Day should tell WWE all they need to know. It’s dead in the water after two weeks. What a shame. Such potential with those three.
  • I was surprised and totally STOKED to see Charlotte make her RAW debut last night. She is the future of the Divas division, and along with Paige will run the show for as long as they want to. In terms of her wrestling ability, I wasn’t able to see a lot from her match with Natalya. I did, however, see her personality…and it was tremendous! She’s ALL charisma and that’s going to take her a very long way in this business. Having said all that, I have no idea how having Natalya pin the NXT champion helps Charlotte at all. I understand Natalya has a storyline going with Tyson Kidd, but the announcers didn’t even MENTION that during the match. It just doesn’t make any sense.
  • People WANT to love Bray Wyatt. They positioned him to be a babyface in his feud with John Cena, and even though he does his best to be hated, all you need to do is look at the crowd during his entrances to see just how popular he currently is and how popular he COULD be if given the opportunity. It’ll happen…just be patient.
  • Dean AmbroseQuite frankly, the segment with Wyatt and Dean Ambrose was the first thing in over an hour that really did its job of selling me on the TLC PPV this Sunday. I honestly think it’s got all the potential in the world to steal the show. It’s just too bad that you can’t have any colour, because a little blood could go a LONG way to sell this match.
  • AJ LeeAJ Lee deserved to win Diva of the Year. She is, without a doubt, the best female wrestler in the world today.
  • Luke Harper is, quite frankly, one of the most intriguing and brightest stars in the WWE right now. He has a great gimmick that he seems to live, which helps to sell it to the public. On top of that, he’s one of the best big men I’ve ever seen in the ring. He may never be world champion, but Harper can be a major player for a very long time.
  • Adam RoseThey are really dragging out this Adam Rose heel turn. I’ll say it every week because I firmly believe it: Rose can be a upper-midcarder in a heel role if given the opportunity. A new-age Honky Tonk Man, if you will. Make it happen!
  • You can’t deny that even though Lana is absolutely gorgeous, she is also absolutely PERFECT in her role as the “Ravishing Russian”. Her timing is impeccable and she’s garnering heat the old fashioned way…and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Jack SwaggerI’m sorry, I just don’t buy Jack Swagger as a legitimate threat to win the U.S. Title, regardless of how they’re currently booking him. He’s been buried too much over the past few months after his failed “reboot” face turn against Rusev earlier this year. They gotta feed Rusev somebody else at this point.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m already EXTREMELY bored with Ryback as a babyface. Yawn. I mean, he doesn’t act like a bad-ass, he acts like an asshole. His act will wear out VERY quickly. #SteroidGuy
  • If Summer Rae is a heel again, why isn’t she back with Fandango? Obviously, the babyface experiment failed and it’s obvious that Rosa Mendes is NOT a good fit. Bring back the magic!!
  • You can tell that Roman Reigns has been taking acting lessons. His acceptance speech for Superstar of the Year was probably the best promo he’s ever done.
  • Rollins vs CenaWhat a shocking end to the Cena/Big Show match (#sarcasm). Did they do enough to promote the TLC PPV on Sunday? Meh. I mean, they practically gave away the ending to the Rollins/Cena match by having Rollins stand tall at the end of the night. That’s too bad, because I just don’t want to see Cena/Lesnar again unless Lesnar is suplexing Cena into oblivion.

RAW is predictable and boring. Last night was worse than normal because of the plodding Slammy Award interruptions. It’s frustrating because RAW could be a MUCH better program than it is right now.


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