Jurassic World

Surely I can’t be the only one a little wary about the new Jurassic World trailer.

When I saw the trailer for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I was absolutely blown away. I loved the first three movies (the 2nd and 3rd not quite as much as the 1st, for obvious reasons) and was super excited to see the trailer for the 4th one FINALLY ready.

But there’s just something a little “off” in this new trailer.

I mean, the dinosaurs look spectacular and I’m all about building a bigger and better park than the original but…something’s not quite right.

To me, a lot of the new film looks “prequel-esque”. And by that I mean George Lucas style.

Stay with me here…you zoom into the park on a monorail (a completely underutilized form of transportation, by the way) and the giant gates open, yet the whole thing looks digital to me and not realistic.


They show the park and how expansive it is. Again…it just looks digitally inserted. I mean, it looks real but you can TELL it’s not. It’s the difference between, say, the Lord of the Rings trilogy (good) and the Star Wars prequel trilogy (bad).

The last thing that REALLY bothers me is the water-based dinosaur. When this thing comes out of the water, it looks COMPLETELY fake and digitally enhanced.


You can tell that the people in the foreground are the only “real” ones in the entire shot. It’s just so obvious that they aren’t really sitting there.


To me, that takes me out of the magic of the moment. Chris Pratt looks like he’s going to be awesome (as usual) and the velociraptors running beside him look real.


The grazing dinosaurs look real.


The rest of the dinosaurs and the movie looks REAL.


And that’s what set Jurassic Park apart from all other dinosaur movies before or since. You can make things look real, but you can always tell if they are or not. With Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg gave us a movie where you couldn’t tell what dinosaurs were digitally made and what dinosaurs were animatronics. And THAT was a huge factor in its initial success.

If I watch Jurassic World, I want to be a part of the movie. I want to feel like EVERYTHING is real. If I can watch Avatar or District 9 and get lost in the movie because everything looks so real, then I should get the same feeling from something like Jurassic World.

Right now, though…I’m not getting it.


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