RAW Thoughts

I guess one of the better talkers in the business should be the one to open the show tonight, but man…Chris Jericho looks about as cool as Los Matadores. If that’s what cool looks like, I’m glad I’m nerdy.

Here are my thoughts on last night’s show:

Jericho host– Jericho’s scarf. Wow. Plus on top of all that, the segment to kick off RAW was overly long and drawn out. In the end, we ended up with a Rollins/Cena rematch announced to take place inside of a steel cage later in the show. But everything else? What’s the point of Rollins and Heyman? It seems like they started to have a conversation, but it never really went anywhere. And then Jericho challenging Paul Heyman to a match? I just don’t understand…is Brock Lesnar going to come out and destroy Jericho later on? What would be the point of that?

Really? I mean…REALLY??

– It’s nice to see Dolph Ziggler getting such a big pop every time he comes out now. Talk about somebody who persevered through career ups and downs. This guy personifies hard work, determination, and the cream truly rising to the top. The guy is phenomenal. Even something small like diving over the announce table to get at Luke Harper looks real. He’s truly the total package, even if he’s a bit smaller than the “higher ups” would prefer he be.

– They should have fed Erick Rowan to somebody other than Big Show and Harper to start his singles babyface push. He’s looking really slow and sloppy in comparison with Harper.

– I’d rather watch Fandango vs Jericho go at it again than most of the TLC line-up, to be honest. And who writes this stuff for Jericho to say, anyway? I mean…what is he, 10?

"When I'm finished with Paul Heyman, I'm going to take my Slammy and dance all over your FACE!"

“When I’m finished with Paul Heyman, I’m going to take my Slammy and dance all over your FACE!”

– Sorry, but the more they put The New Day on my television, the more I think this is just a dead-in-the-water gimmick. It’s horrible. And as soon as Michael Cole yells out, “I LOVE THE NEW DAY!”….well, I’m done at that point. Are these guys doing a preacher gimmick? Is this religious in nature? It’s just not connecting with me in the slightest, and I get the feeling I’m not alone.

– At what point did they explain why Brie Bella suddenly decided to turn heel and join forces with her sister? Oh that’s right…they didn’t. And why is Alicia Fox somehow a babyface with Natalya? When did THAT turn take place? I thought she was an insane heel? And why was Tyson Kidd checking up on Nikki Bella? Doesn’t he know that not only will Natalya get pissed, but so will Super Cena? Give me NXT ladies wrestling any day of the week at this point.

– It seemed like Jericho just stopped talking in the ring when he was back out for another talking segment. UGH. And maybe it’s because I’ve watched Jericho since his debut in ECW, but his gimmick is played out at this point. His insults are tired and he just comes off as a child.

Rusev v Jericho– And let me get this straight: Rusev starts to defend Lana against Jericho’s insults, Ryback comes out, Rusev walks away because he’s got no reason to fight Ryback, and the announcers start crapping all over Rusev?? I just don’t get the booking sometimes. They want people to boo Rusev, but yet don’t have him do much to actually be a monster heel. He just beats people, most of the time cleanly. He’s patriotic and no-nonsense. I mean, hell…he’s basically a Russian Steve Austin at this point, isn’t he?

– PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let Steroid Guy be the one to beat Rusev. GOD NO!!

Ryback v Rusev

The Ascension– Saw the first promo for The Ascension. Ummm…really? C’mon, WWE…are you trying to make a new-age Road Warriors or something?  Their promo sounded forced and old-school. Sigh…I guess I shouldn’t really complain because at least they’re an actual tag team and not two guys just thrown together. It just bothers me when I see teams like The Addiction and The Time Splitters and ReDRagon absolutely killing it out there, and I see these two plodders getting called-up.

NEW DAY– I’m pretty sure that the last thing The New Day needed was to have their gimmick be all about Big E‘s sweating problem. Wow. And it’s actually sad to watch them come in dancing around and clapping their hands when the crowd is just sitting there staring at them. Even Brodus Clay got people up on their feet and he couldn’t dance to save his life. We’ve got three very talented performers who are dying a very public death right now and it’s embarrassing to watch.

– I gotta say, I love the little nuances to Adam Rose‘s heel turn. I mean, his reaction to facing Kane was pure chickenshit heel. I loved it. I wish WWE would officially pull the trigger on his heel turn, but in the meantime I’m still enjoying the gimmick and where it’s going. The end of the match popped the crowd, too. If they didn’t care (i.e. The New Day), then they wouldn’t have cheered for Kane as loudly as they did. Just pull the trigger and let Rose go as a heel. DO IT!

I popped.

I popped.

LESNAR– I was SOOOO happy to see Brock Lesnar save Paul Heyman. Why? Because Chris Jericho was being a bully about the whole situation. He was forcing Heyman into a match simply because he didn’t like him. I don’t like bullies, so to see Lesnar make the save and kick Jericho’s ass was a glorious thing.

Roman– As much as I enjoy Fandango, I popped to see Roman Reigns return. I’m not happy to see that his first feud back will probably be against Big Show. I’ll tell you this…Show better sell and bump like mad in order to make Reigns look good. The last thing Reigns needs is to be exposed in a match against somebody whose best days are long behind them.

– Thank god for Damien Mizdow. He was the ONLY thing that saved the quite boring Jimmy Uso vs The Miz match. The two guys looked like they were just going through the motions. Yawn. At least they finally teased some dissension between the two heels, though it’ll be interesting to see what they do with Mizdow once their feud is over.

Heyman Rollins– I’ll give credit where it’s due. In the confines of a steel cage, both John Cena and Seth Rollins delivered in a big way. It was a really great match, only made better by the expected interference by Brock Lesnar. And to make things even MORE interesting, it appears as though Rollins may be a new “Paul Heyman Guy“. If that’s the case, it’s an extremely interesting turn of events.

All in all, this was a pretty decent episode of RAW. Not great, but certainly better than the past couple of weeks…even if there was almost an hour of Chris Jericho talking incessantly.

Rollins wins


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