The Interview: Did Sony Have A Choice?

The-Interview-posterLet’s face it: Seth Rogan movies are very much hit-and-miss. For every Knocked Up or Paul there is a Zack & Miri Make A Porno or Green Hornet. I applaud him for never straying too far from his comfort zone, too.

And his partner in crime, James Franco, loves to play “out there” characters. Mind you, a lot of them end up seeming similar, but he rarely plays it straight.

As such, I didn’t think The Interview was going to be an actual major motion picture release when I first saw the movie trailer.

I thought this was just some dumb-ass indie side-project from a couple of jack-offs just trying to let off some creative steam. Little did I realize that this was a $45-million budget major motion picture with Sony releasing it on (of all dates) Christmas Day.

Seriously? This movie about to idiots who are hired by the FBI to assassinate Kim Jong-un while doing a press interview with him was an actual “thing”?

Needless to say, it was a little difficult to believe.

The trailer looked ridiculous. And no, not ridiculously funny. The trailer looked horrible. I didn’t chuckle or laugh once. I thought the whole thing was a rib. I thought this was just an extended fake trailer from the beginning of Tropic Thunder or something like that.

Then the North Korean leader took notice. Then the shit truly hit the fan.

It’s at the point now that I don’t think Sony’s movie division can truly recover. They might, but with the Spider-Man franchise dying a slow death just two films into a reboot and their next James Bond film having an astronomical budget of over $300 million, it’s going to be extremely difficult. The internal Sony leaks have been so damaging to the company that I just don’t know if they can fight back from this.

Then this silly movie became a point of contention for the hackers.

The threat of violence is never something to be taken lightly. If a bomb threat is called into a school, the school evacuates and shuts down until an investigation is completed. This was a terrorist threat from a group that had already done exactly what they said they were going to do. Was the threat complete bullshit? Very possibly, but if you were a Sony executive or the head of the AMC theatre chain, would YOU want to be held responsible if something…just one thing…happened at one theatre that caused injury or death to a movie-goer?

Censorship is a difficult thing to accept in a “free world”. Terrorist threats are also difficult to accept, especially in a part of the world where daily attacks don’t happen. But movies aren’t normally about assassinating an insane, fascist leader, either. Jong-un is crazy enough to send over a few brain-washed English-speaking soldiers to attack a single movie theatre that is showing this movie. While the U.S. government may have said otherwise, I believe the threat had the potential to be very real. Obviously, so did the movie theatre chains or else they wouldn’t have cancelled showings, which led to the pulling of the movie from all theatres (of course, the public perception of danger would have killed the entire movie industry as nobody would have gone to theatres to see other movies that were playing The Interview…it’s all about money, at the end of the day).

Does this set a dangerous precedent? Sure it does. But realistically, what else could Sony do in this case? They were in a no-win situation.

At the end of the day, the movie reviews have been mixed and the movie probably isn’t that good anyway. So really…are we missing out on anything?

Let’s just send Dennis Rodman back over to North Korea and see if he can get Jung-un to lighten up a little bit. Maybe shoot some hoops before watching Team America or some shit.

Of course, if Dennis Rodman is our best chance of having diplomatic relations with this fucktard, then we’re all in a whole lotta trouble.


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