My Top 5 Songs of 2014

I’m a massive music fan. In fact, I almost went into radio as a full-time career until my dad talked me out of it while I was still in high school (of course, that’s another story for another time). I spent the majority of the 90’s DJ-ing in clubs and bars and was even the program director of my university’s radio station for a term.

As such, I listen to a TON of music. Plus, being the geek that I am, I like to track my listening habits using I decided to go back 12 months and see what my top five most played songs of the year were. These are the results…

  1. Anything – Hedley

This is a Canadian band that grew from one of the few seasons we had of “Canadian Idol”. The lead singer was a standout on that show (he didn’t win) and helped his band get signed to a record deal. They’ve been one of the top pop-rock bands in the country over the past decade. This song is different and vibrant and full of life (as is the video).

  1. Odds are – Barenaked Ladies

Yes, the Ladies are still around and yes, they’re still making pretty good music. This song may not have found the audience that it did if it weren’t for the fun video they made to go along with it. While I still pine away for the days when Steven Page was in the band, they seem to be doing a fine job without him.

  1. Jealous (I ain’t with it) – Chromeo

Another Canadian band (I know, right?) who I first heard about in a Buzzfeed article. Y’know…one of those “this is the song you didn’t know you needed in your life” type of article. I decided to give it a shot and was immediately hooked. I said to myself, “Yeah…THIS is a hit”. It took all of two months for local radio stations to play it, and my step-daughters thought I was the cool dad because they had been listening to it in the car for a couple of months now. Good for me, right?

  1. Rude – Magic!

My wife has come to hate this song because it was so overplayed, but I still enjoy listening to this Canadian band’s #1 single. It’s always cool to see a “local” band (i.e. Canadian…doesn’t matter where they’re from) do well outside of our own country. It’s also great to see a Canadian top the Billboard Hot Singles chart, because that’s a rare occasion. While none of us may ever hear from this band again, at least they gave us this one incredible song.

  1. Pompeii – Bastille

From the second I heard the opening vocals, I thought this was THE song of the year for me. I became addicted to the song and had to see if it was as good live as it was recorded. After seeing a few different live performances on YouTube, I found myself becoming a big Bastille fan. They are super-talented and aren’t just some “studio band”. They can play, they can write, and they can sing. But really, at the end of the day it’s just an incredibly catchy song and definitely my most-played of the entire year.


So what about YOU? What was YOUR favourite song of 2014?


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