Terminator Genisys & The Lack Of Hollywood Originality

terminator-genysisListen, I’m a guy who grew up in the age of The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day. I was the target audience and they targeted me perfectly. I mean…killer robots and explosions? Hell yeah!

But then, as is the case with movie studios, they tried to draw blood from a stone.

Now I’ve read responses online and some people seem genuinely excited about this new potential trilogy to reboot the Terminator franchise. I’m glad that they’re excited…my guess is that they’re the same people who were excited about the last two movies, too.

And really, Terminator Salvation wasn’t a bad movie. It certainly wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t bad.

So other than trying to milk every last penny that they possibly can from movie-goers, what story can be told through a new Terminator trilogy? What else needs to be seen that we haven’t seen already?

Arnold-SchwarzeneggerDo I need to see an old and young versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Of course not. Do I need to see re-booted versions of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor? NOPE. Am I intrigued at the notion of having timelines cross so the entire story can be rebooted?

Not really.

In an era where original movies are quickly becoming a thing of the past, I can understand a movie studio’s attempt to create a franchise and churn out money-making movies one right after another. However, Hollywood needs to start taking a close look at what needs to be rebooted/remade and what doesn’t.

Total-Recall-2012The Lone Ranger. Conan the Barbarian. Land of the Lost. Arthur. The Legend of Hercules. The Thing. Dredd. These are just some of the box office remake/reboot bombs that have come out in the last five years. And those are just the bombs and don’t even include moderately successful movies like Total Recall and RoboCop.

Jurassic-World-PosterAnd I’m not hating on reboots, either. I’m nervous but still all about the upcoming Star Wars & Jurassic World reboots and was pleasantly surprised with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Star Trek reboots. But for every Man of Steel there is also a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

And yes, I fully realize and appreciate the attempts to create new, original movies, as well. There are twice as many movie duds with original ideas that fizzled (talking to you, R.I.P.D.) than sizzled (wazzup, Guardians of the Galaxy?).

It’s just that when I hear about the numerous reboots that are out there (or, just as bad, a remake or a prequel) of movies that have already been done (Gremlins, The Mummy, The Crow, Ghostbusters) and I’m baffled as to what a new version of the movie will provide that’s different and an improvement upon the original.

jar_jar_binksSpecial effects? Sure…they’re a million miles ahead today of where they were 20 or 30 years ago. But still…is that the only reason we need these reboots? Didn’t Lucas teach us anything with his Star Wars prequels? Just because you give us a shit-load of special effects, doesn’t mean it’ll be a good movie.

So when it comes to Terminator Genisys, I think you can count me out.


3 thoughts on “Terminator Genisys & The Lack Of Hollywood Originality

    • I’ll wait until I can download it. I have zero desire to waste money on this movie to watch it in a theatre. The more trailers that show up on television, the more “meh” I feel about it.


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