Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead Yet

Remember how I recently said that rock’n’roll was dead? Well…I now stand corrected.

Yesterday, Kid Rock came roaring back to life with his latest single, “First Kiss”. It’s an amazingly perfect blend of 70’s rock, kick-ass country, and new-school harmonies to make a rock song that makes you want to jump in the car and crank up the volume as far as it will go. I probably would have not even known this was a new single if it weren’t for a tweet by indy wrestling sensation Michael Bennett:

Thankfully, Kid Rock isn’t the only rock’n’roller making waves.There are great new singles out there by Foo Fighters


…a re-release from ol’ faithfuls Pearl Jam

…the grizzled vets AC/DC

…and an incredible new song/video from Seether.

So while the good ol’ days of 80’s hair metal may be long over, the seeds of rock are still being firmly planted in speakers.

Thank fuck.



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