The Ant-Man Trailer Has Arrived

Ant-ManI’ll be the first to admit that, similar to many of you, I don’t know anything about Ant-Man. The anticipated trailer was going to be my first look at the latest Marvel movie.

Paul Rudd - Ant-ManWith an intriguing casting choice of comic-actor Paul Rudd, I wasn’t sure how Marvel was going to pull off this movie…especially considering the man who fought to bring the comic book to life in the first place (Edgar Wright) walked away from his directorial duties before filming began.

Michael Douglas - Ant-ManWell…the trailer teaser arrived on Wednesday evening during an episode of Agent Carter (a show I have zero desire to watch). Did it grab me like the incredible teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy? Not really. The serious music in the background and Michael Douglas’ speech about “becoming the hero your daughter already thinks you are” is kind of cheesy when played over a guy jumping on the back of a flying ant.

Ant-Man 4Thankfully, the tiny blips of Rudd’s comedy make me hopeful that Marvel will again blend the perfect mix of comedy and serious action into this superhero movie to make it successful.

Too late - Ant-ManOverall, it’s made me want to know more about the movie. Has it made me want to watch it yet in theaters? No…but I’m hoping for more in the first full trailer.

In the meantime, there’s this…


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