The Hottest Bodies in WWE History – The Questionable Picks recently posted photos of superstars (past and present) who they considered to have the “Hottest Bodies in WWE History“. I decided to take a 4-part 2-weekend look at their choices. The ones I agree with wholeheartedly, the questionable picks, and those they missed.

For me, these were their questionable picks…

Michelle McCool

Don’t get me wrong, I love McCool. She’s an extremely attractive woman, but “hottest bodies” isn’t about just being attractive. I just didn’t think she deserved to be considered one of the “hottest”. But what do I know?

Michelle McCool 2 Michelle McCool 1 Michelle McCool 4

Kelly Kelly

I’m sure this woman has a ton of fans and would think I’m crazy for calling her “questionable”, but I’ve never seen anything special in the woman except for an ass that just won’t quit. I dunno…she’s just a very attractive woman. Not “hot” in my books.

Kelly Kelly 1 Kelly Kelly 2 Kelly Kelly 4Eve Torres

Ummm…I forgot that Torres was even on the WWE roster. How quickly we forget, eh? And again, she’s an attractive woman and all but certain not one of the “hottest bodies” of all time. But again, it’s all up to the individual, right?Eve Torres 3

Eve Torres 2  Eve TorresLayla

I really didn’t get this pick at all. I mean…seriously? I guess so.

Layla 2 Layla 3 Layla 4

So we’ll have the first part of the picks that I agree with tomorrow. There are definitely some good choices.




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