The Hottest Bodies in WWE History – The Great Picks recently posted photos of superstars (past and present) who they considered to have the “Hottest Bodies in WWE History“. I decided to take a 4-part 2-weekend look at their choices. The ones I agree with wholeheartedly, the questionable picks, and those they missed.

For me, these were their great picks…

Torrie Wilson

You can’t argue with a woman who ended up in Playboy. Wilson had one of the best physiques of any Diva. Truly a beauty from top to bottom.

Torrie Wilson 1 Torrie Wilson 2 Torrie Wilson 3 Torrie Wilson 4Sunny

Regardless of what may have happened over the past decade, there was a time when Tamara “Sunny” Sytch was THE most downloaded woman in the world. And yes, there was reason for that. She was the kind of woman that men dreamed of, so her inclusion makes perfect sense.

Sunny 1 Sunny 2 Sunny Sunny 5Lita

This is an intriguing choice because Lita isn’t a woman you would consider to be “classically beautiful”. But she was definitely a big-time crush of mine when she had her WWE run. The thongs…the attitude…there were so many things that added up to make this woman gorgeous.

Lita 1 Lita 2 Lita 3 Lita 4Christy Hemme

Another Playboy alumni, Hemme will always be a favourite of mine for her fantastic performance in the WWE “Diss the Diva” competition…

Add to that the fact that she’s hot and…well…it’s a great pick.

Christy Hemme 1 Christy Hemme 2 Christy Hemme 3 Christy Hemme 4 Christy HemmeSo we’ll have the hottest of the hot bodies…the UPPER ECHELON picks next weekend, along with some choices that they missed but probably should have been included.



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