No Sunny Days for Ashley Massaro

Two former WWE Divas are currently in a battle on Twitter. It’s quite crazy…two of the most beautiful women to grace a WWE ring (Tamara “Sunny” Sytch and Ashley Massaro) are throwing insults and naked pictures at each other.


So as far as I can tell, Sunny started this whole thing with a simple Tweet…

Somebody tried to say the slam wasn’t justified, but Sunny responded…

The comment was a jab at the story from a few years ago in Rolling Stone that Ashley was a highly-paid escort for “Bella Models” in the early 2000’s. Nothing was ever proven (to the best of my knowledge) and there were disputed claims that there was actually a second woman named “Ashley Massaro” who was a bikini model in Vegas. Ahhh well.

Anyway…Ashley found out the next day and decided to respond…

That’s not good…




Then Massaro defended her action by tweeting the following:

Sunny attempted a comeback by insinuating (through a RT) that Massaro had gender reassignment surgery. That attempt at a response kinda fell flat, though…

Then Sunny claimed that the photo wasn’t even of her…

Still…Sunny started it, I think Massaro finished it.

WINNER OF BATTLE: Ashley Massaro

Alright…now that we’ve had our Twitter war, can everybody just play nice now?


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