Randy Savage into WWE’s Hall of Fame: Too Little, Too Late?

Macho HOFSo the WWE has finally decided to give Randy “Macho Man” Savage his rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. But is this a case of “too little, too late”?

Randy Savage 1Randy Savage was my favourite wrestler as a kid. I remember watching WWF Superstars and getting this weekly build to who Savage’s manager would be. Add that to his already incredible ring entrance and eye-catching robes, and you had somebody I wanted to see on a weekly basis.

Just who WAS this guy?

macho-man-and-Miss-ElizabethOnce Elizabeth was introduced to the picture, it just made Savage all the more intriguing. Here was this gorgeous, soft-spoken woman with this outlandish, mean-spirited wrestler who couldn’t wait to cheat his way to whatever victory he could get, regardless of who he injured along the way.

I remember watching him enter into a tag team match with Jesse “The Body” Ventura and thinking it was the coolest tag team I had ever seen in my life.

I remember the wedding proposal. I remember the wedding. I remember when Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ cobra bit into his arm and a big “CENSORED” popped up on my screen.

Randy Savage 4I remember how happy I was when he won the WWF title at WrestleMania IV. I remember how puzzled I was when he became the “Macho King” (such a bizarre look). I remember how upset I was when he was beaten by the Ultimate Warrior in a retirement match. I watched Spider-Man because I knew he’d be in it. I even have his horrible “rap song” Be A Man on my iTunes playlist.

Randy Savage 5And I remember the frustration and sadness I felt when I learned that he had passed away due to heart attack in 2011. I was saddened, obviously, because I had lost one of my childhood heroes. Sure, I was a little happy to know that he was in a really good place in his life…newly married, happily retired, and doing occasional voice-over work. But then the frustration trickled to the forefront: Why hadn’t WWE already inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame?

savage mcmahonSure, I had heard the “Stephanie” rumours. But I remember researching the possible timelines about a decade ago and figuring the whole story was too insane to be true. But then why in the world did Vince McMahon…a man who buried the hatchet with men like Bret “Hitman” Hart and Hulk Hogan…detest Randy Savage so much to the point that he didn’t have a compilation DVD or a rightful place in the Hall of Fame?


Sure, the times began to change a few years ago. Mentions on the website, being a featured performer on a WWE game, and then a compilation DVD finally came out. Every year fans would ask: Is this year finally the year?

Randy & LynnSadly, it’s taken until 2015 to let Savage into the Hall. I don’t get it. His fans don’t get it. And while we’ll love seeing the video packages and watch his widow and the Poffo family proudly stand up to experience his entry, all the while we’ll wonder why it took so long.

It’s going to be a great moment for a Randy Savage fan. But for him, his fans, and his family…is it too little, too late?



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