The Hottest Bodies in WWE History – The Upper Echelon recently posted photos of superstars (past and present) who they considered to have the “Hottest Bodies in WWE History“. I decided to take a 4-part 2-weekend look at their choices. The ones I agree with wholeheartedly, the questionable picks, and those they missed.

I already went over what I considered to be their questionable picks and then a batch of really great picks. Today, though, are the picks I think are the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the upper echelon of hot WWE bodies.

Stacy Keibler

The woman with the legs that go on forever also has one of the greatest derrieres in modern history. She doesn’t have the biggest “upper assets” but never needed them. She’s 100% gorgeous and (to the best of my knowledge) 100% all natural.

Stacy Keibler 2 Stacy Keibler 3 Stacy Keibler 5 Stacy Keibler 6 Stacy Keibler 7 Stacy KeiblerCandice Michelle

From WWE Diva to Playboy model the “Go Daddy” girl, Michelle oozed sex appeal. During her run, you would have been hard pressed to find a woman with a hotter body in WWE. It existed…it just would have been difficult. VERY difficult.

Candice Michelle 2 Candice Michelle Candice Michelle 3 Candice Michelle 1


Y’know how The Miz has a catchphrase about how we should all “Be Jealous”? Well…he’s married to one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. If you can find a flaw on this woman…kudos to you because I can’t find a single one.

Maryse 1 Maryse 2 Maryse 3 Maryse 5 Maryse 6Trish Stratus

This woman revolutionized how a Diva was supposed to be. She started off as simply being eye candy before training her ass off and becoming a WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. And not only did she look spectacular during her WWE heyday…

Trish Stratus Trish Stratus 3 Trish Stratus 4 Trish Stratus 5…but she STILL looks incredible today!!

TRISH STRATUS TRISH STRATUSWWE, obviously, picked some incredible winners with their choices for “Hottest Body”. There were, however, some glaring omissions that I think we need to look at.



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