The Hottest Bodies in WWE History – Who They Missed recently posted photos of superstars (past and present) who they considered to have the “Hottest Bodies in WWE History“. I decided to take a 4-part 2-weekend look at their choices. The ones I agree with wholeheartedly, the questionable picks, and those they missed.

I already went over what I considered to be their questionable picks, their great picks, and their best picks. Today, though, are the picks I think they missed. Whether it was because of politics or forgetfulness, these choices are some of the hottest bodies WWE has ever seen.


Victoria came from a professional bodybuilding background so it would make sense that she be considered one of WWE’s hottest bodies. She had a, dare I say it, hall of fame career in WWE. While primarily playing the foil to main players Lita and Trish Stratus, Victoria was extremely versatile and also very beautiful.

Victoria 1 Victoria 2 Victoria 3 Victoria 4 Victoria 5AJ Lee

She’s petite, yes…but there is just something about Lee that rocks my world. She’s not frail or scrawny; there is a ton of muscle on that small frame of hers. She’s not your typical diva in terms of physique, and that’s just one more reason why she’s awesome.

AJ Lee 6 AJ Lee 1 Aj Lee 5 AJ Lee 4 AJ Lee 3 AJ Lee 2Maria Kanellis

How in the world could you leave Kanellis off of this list? Gorgeous enough to be a Playboy cover girl and smart enough to be on Celebrity Apprentice, Kanellis was the object of desire for million of men around the world and is STILL one of the hottest chicks on the planet today.

Maria Kanellis 1 Maria Kanellis 2 Maria Kanellis 3 Maria Kanellis 4 Maria Kanellis 5Sable

I can understand the reasons why WWE left Sable off of their list, but to ignore one of their biggest all-time popular divas would be a mistake. She brought Playboy to the table initially and became a mainstream sex-pot sensation. You can’t deny her hotness or placement on WWE’s list.

Sable 1 Sable 2 Sable 3 Sable 4 Sable 5 Brooke

Brooke Adams wasn’t in WWE nearly long enough. Quite frankly, it’s safe to say they dropped the ball on her because she brings a LOT to the table. She is a 2-time former TNA Knockouts champion and just completed a very respectable run on The Amazing Race. She entered WWE after doing bikini modelling and competed in pageants such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA and Miss Hooters. She has one of the greatest asses in the entire world and for that alone definitely earned a spot on WWE’s hottest body list.

Brooke 1Brooke 7 Brooke 5 Brooke 4 Brooke 3 Brooke 2So did I miss anybody? Sound off on Twitter and let me know!


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