CM Punk in UFC

CM Punk UFC 2It’s one of those topics that’s been debated and talked about for a few weeks now. CM Punk in UFC. Does he deserve the spot? Will he win a single fight? There are a ton of articles out there with a lot more insight than mine making their opinions known. This post is different because it comes from a “general public” point of view.

Y’see…I’m not much of a UFC fan. I’m not much of a fan of MMA in general. I’ve seen the occasional fight over the years, but the last time I sat down to watch an entire live MMA PPV was…never? Having said that, I’m a massive wrestling fan and have been for over 30 years now.

Because of that, I think I’m uniquely qualified to provide a “casual fan” point of view on this whole CM Punk thing.

Regardless of whether or not Phil “CM Punk” Brooks (as he’s going to be billed) wins a match or even throws a landing punch in his first UFC fight, the numbers are going to be through the roof for UFC owner Dana White.

CM Punk UFC 3Why? Because wrestling fans like me, people who don’t hate MMA but aren’t normally ones to buy PPV’s, will end up dishing out money to see what Punk can do. Not only that, but people who hate Punk and think he’s a bum who doesn’t deserve to be in UFC to begin with, will probably end up buying the PPV just to get the satisfaction of watching him fail.

If you’re UFC, it’s a complete win-win situation.

I don’t even care that Punk has never been in a sanctioned MMA fight. He’s dabbled in training for a few years now and feels as though he’s qualified to step into the octagon. Obviously, Dana White believes that, too, or else he wouldn’t allow him to do it.

CM Punk UFCBecause let’s face it…if Dana White didn’t think CM Punk could fight his way out of a paper bag, then he wouldn’t even be considering this idea because it would end up being a “one-and-done” fight and a failed experiment.

It still might end up that way, but not everybody within the mixed martial arts community believes that.

Cole Miller: “CM Punk is going to surprise and kick somebody’s ass”

Of course, you’ve got jack-offs who think they’re “all that” and want to make a name for themselves by facing off against a pro wrestler like it’s some joke…that feel like this somehow all reeks of “Celebrity Boxing”.

“Green Power Ranger” Jason David Frank: “CM Punk either doesn’t want to give me credit or he’s scared.”

Jose Canseco says he could beat CM Punk in an MMA match

But Punk is taking this very seriously. He certainly doesn’t want to be laughed at and doesn’t want to take this all as a joke. And if you feel that way, he’ll call you out on your shit:

I don’t know enough about MMA to know if Punk has a chance, one way or another. But I do know that I’ll be glued to the TV when he makes his UFC debut, rooting for a guy I followed throughout his professional wrestling career. I’m a fan, win or lose…but UFC should hope he wins if they want to see more money come out of MY pocket.



2 thoughts on “CM Punk in UFC

  1. A lot of the talk still is whether he’ll be able to survive a training camp, let alone make it to a fight next year. Having said that, totally agree that this is a phenomenal deal for both Punk and the UFC. They couldn’t ask for a better special attraction.

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    • I’d like to think that he’ll be able to at least complete a camp. I mean…he’s not coming into this thing completely blind. He’s done some training before and, as a wrestler, is ready for whatever vigorous training schedule they’ll have for him. My only question is whether or not his body can take the punishment.


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