The World According to ZAH

  • 2015 Royal RumbleI’m intrigued by the possible outcomes at this Sunday’s Royal Rumble. With the addition of Daniel Bryan, it’s really an up-in-the-air situation. I mean, last year the crowd turned on the product HARD when Roman Reigns was eliminated and Batista. A month ago it looked like Reigns was the front-runner and the internet crowd was turning on him. With Bryan back, my guess is that the crowd will be VERY much rooting for him to win. If he doesn’t and a babyface like Reigns or Ambrose wins, the crowd very well may crap all over it.
  • Seth RollinsAnd as much as I’d love to see Brock Lesnar retain the WWE at the PPV, I’m very interested in the possibility of Seth Rollins walking out with the title. I think you could have a couple of hot months with Rollins as champion leading up to WrestleMania. Plus, with Rollins winning, it really does open up the door to anybody to win the Rumble itself.
  • Kim-Kardashian-Wears-A-fur-Bikini-LBI hate the Kardashians. Every last one of ‘em. I mean, would we even know who Kim Kardashian even was if it weren’t for her fucking Ray J in that sex tape a few years ago? Don’t get me wrong…a tip of the cap to the family’s ability to become celebrities for no reason whatsoever. Perfumes…clothing lines…television shows…it’s ridiculous. I hate “celebrities” who haven’t actually done anything of note to reach that level of celebrity.
  • bill-belichick-deflategate-memeThis whole “DeflateGate” is getting out of control, with mainstream media jumping all over the “Patriots cheated” bandwagon before the facts have even come out. It’s been reported that 11 out of 12 balls were “deflated”. At this stage in the investigation, that’s inaccurate. The balls were UNDERinflated. There is yet to be evidence that the Patriots organization deflated them during the game. At this point, though, “league sources” have confirmed that the footballs were properly inspected and approved by referee Walt Anderson 2 hours and 15 minutes before kickoff. The 11 balls were reinflated at halftime and used again in the second half. The Colts balls had no discrepancies. This isn’t what we needed the week before the SuperBowl.
  • Speaking of DeflateGate, a local Boston Common Coffee shop was selling “DeflateGate cookies” for a dollar each.
  • Captain America and Star-Lord made a SuperBowl bet. Seriously…this is one of the best celebrity bets I’ve ever seen. Each not only for humiliation, but for a good cause. A tip of the cap to them both.

  • WALKING-DEAD-5I’m anxiously awaiting the return of The Walking Dead. Knowing the comic storyline a little bit, my guess is that they’re heading to Washington in spite of Eugene being full of shit. I think we’ll find our group of post-apocalypse survivors finding a little bit of salvation along the way…along with a side storyline that the writers throw in for shits’n’gigs (i.e. the whole Atlanta hospital storyline). Regardless of what happens, the show is still on a roll and I’m loving every episode.
  • Speaking of Walking Dead, the new spinoff is in the news because of a leaked script. Apparently…and take this with a grain of salt…the new series will explore the world from the beginning of the zombie outbreak, NOT during the timeframe that Rick Grimes & Co are living in. This means we get to see how the world handles the outbreak, which could be fantastic or end up being over-the-top ridiculous. Either way, I’m intrigued to see what they do with the concept; not going for shock value of zombies alone but trying to provide as realistic a world as possible.
  • I’ve never been a big fan of Amber Rose and I’m not one of those “giant ass” lovers, but damn, girl… Amber-Rose-on-Balcony
  • Song of the Week: “First Kiss” by Kid Rock


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