The World According to ZAH

  • WWE Network 1 million subsThe WWE Network reached one million subscribers earlier this week. Realistically speaking, this is a spectacular achievement for a network that many claimed wouldn’t come close to that number at any point within their first year of operations. On the flip side, WWE insinuated that their numbers would reach a million long before now…thus the big reason for their stock price plummeting last year. This really is an impressive feat by WWE and nobody can take that away from them. Did they lose people after the Royal Rumble? Most likely, yes. Was it some kind of “cancel revolution” like the trending hashtag made people think it was? Most likely not. One million paid subscribers is something many other cable channels would love to have…so you gotta give credit where it is due.
  • The new “teaser trailer” for the Fantastic Four reboot came out this week. Much like Ant-Man, the world collectively shrugged their shoulders and let out a very loud “Meh”. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

  • Having only seen Havok since her debut on TNA, I’ve always found something about her to be attractive. I could never put a finger on it. This past week, though, she put a pic on her Instagram that cemented why I’ve got a crush on the monster who could probably tear me apart (literally)…


  • HHH-NXTI’m intrigued by the thought of Steve Austin having Triple H on his podcast this Monday after RAW. When Austin had Vince McMahon on the podcast, McMahon showed the world just why his critics call him “out of touch” and it spoke volumes about why the televised product looks and feels the way it does. Where Triple H is primarily responsible for the excellent NXT product that we’ve all been enjoying lately, I’ll be interested to hear his views on the newer talent and where he thinks the main roster can go over the next few years.
  • weird-al-mandatory-fun-tour-2015-officialI live in an area where there isn’t a lot of population. Because of that, the big-time concerts that come this way are few and far between. I have been fortunate enough to have seen my “Top 2 Concert Bucket List” artists, though: KISS and AC/DC. Both were tremendous live events that I will never forget. Earlier this week, though, I think I may have trumped them by snagging front row seats to one of the greatest performers of all-time: “Weird” Al Yankovic!! What’s better is that this will be an intimate concert at the local casino, so there will only be 1,000 or so folks there. I’m just super-stoked to say I’ll be sitting front row enjoying an artist I’ve followed religiously for over 30 years. Seriously…I have purchased just about every album that man released (except the compilations and greatest hits). I’m a grown-ass man and I’ll be smiling like a star-struck kid. Fuck it…it’s gonna be awesome!
  • 228681_article.0You better go to the Squared Circle in Chicago while you still can, because I have a feeling it won’t be around too much longer. From what I’ve heard, Lisa Marie Varon‘s mother is ill so she is moving to California and her husband will be running the day-to-day operations going forward. I also gathered through Twitter a pretty nasty rumour that Varon’s husband may/may not have cheated on her with an employee from the restaurant. It seemed like the Squared Circle was on the fast-track to become America’s version of the Ribera Restaurant in Japan when it came to fans and wrestlers alike. But without Lisa running things or appearing there, it’s going to die a painful death, I think. What a shame, too. Obviously, the hope is that Lisa (or another ex-wrestler) opens up something similar that is as popular as the Squared Circle appears to be. It’s a niche market, but one that certain cities could definitely make successful.
  • iMPACT WrestlingTNA just announced that Canadian residents will be able to stream full-length episodes of Impact every Saturday morning. On one hand, that’s great for me because I don’t get Destination America. On the other hand, that’s not so great because it says that TNA was unable to secure any kind of television deal in Canada. Too bad…I’m sure they could have used the revenue.
  • SuperBowl-525The SuperBowl takes place on Sunday and I’m really excited about the match-up. Really…it’s a “John Cena vs Daniel Bryan” type of situation. It could realistically go either way with the “dynasty” in New England trying to knock off the defending champs from Seattle. The only problem is that the last few times two #1 seeds met in the SuperBowl it ended up being a blow-out. I’m really hoping for a close, fun game here. Ultimately, as much as I’d love to see the Seahawks repeat…I dare say that the Patriots are firing on all cylinders right now. Final score: New England 24 – Seattle 20
  • Song of the Week: “Same damn life” by Seether


2 thoughts on “The World According to ZAH

    • I was lucky enough to snag pre-sale tickets to the show. The tickets went on sale this morning and sold out in minutes, so I’m SUPER thankful at this point. He’s playing at the local casino, so only about 1,000 seats or so. It’s ridiculous that another venue didn’t try to snatch him up. Oh well…I’m going and that’s all that matters!

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