The Lost Art of the Movie Soundtrack

All you need to do is look at the 2015 Oscar nominations for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture to see just how far the art of the movie soundtrack has fallen.

No offense to The Lego Movie, but when that annoying “Everything Is Awesome” song is nominated for an Oscar, things are mightily wrong in the world of movie music.

Gone are the days when an entire soundtrack was written and performed specifically for a movie. Anybody remember Purple Rain by Prince? Well…the majority of you may know Purple Rain the album, but how many of you actually remember or even know about Purple Rain the movie?

This was, without a doubt, one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. From When Doves Cry to Let’s Go Crazy to the title track, there is so much awesomeness here that it’s difficult to contain it in a blog post.

What about Tom Cruise movies? The soundtrack to Cocktail has numerous hits by Bobby McFerrin, the Georgia Satellites, John Mellencamp, and the Beach Boys.

The Top Gun soundtrack cranked out hits by Berlin, Loverboy, and TWO hits by Kenny Loggins!

Speaking of Loggins, he logged two more hits on the massively popular Footloose soundtrack.

And it’s not like this was only an 80’s phenomena. Two of the biggest soundtracks of all time were from the 70’s, with Grease and Saturday Night Fever storming the charts.

And of course, the biggest selling soundtrack of all time is from the 90’s: the soundtrack to The Bodyguard.

So what happened? Why is this a dead genre? Why doesn’t a big movie have a killer soundtrack attached to it? I mean, didn’t Guardians of the Galaxy sell a ton of soundtracks last year? And that was with no new hits on it, either.

Compiling a good movie soundtrack is a lost art. Creating a soundtrack from scratch with new tracks is a concept that just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And I don’t really understand why.

Did you have a favourite soundtrack growing up?


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