The World According to ZAH

  • Reigns vs BryanShould Roman Reigns defeat Daniel Bryan and main event WrestleMania? I’m on the fence with this one, actually. I have really seen strong growth in Reigns even since the Royal Rumble took place. He’s not “on fire” like John Cena was when he won his first championship, but I think he’s earned his spot. No offense to Bryan, who was never pinned for the title to begin with…but I think the Mania spotlight should be on Reigns. But honestly, I could see WWE going either way with this match. The question to me is, what do they do with the one who doesn’t win?
  • 50 Shades of Suck50 Shades of Suck…amiright??? And no…I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from practically every review known to mankind, it missed the mark BIG time. The sad thing is that they’ve already lined-up sequels to go along with the book series. At the end of the day, if it’s a bad movie it’s a bad movie. I doubt sequels will do nearly the amount that this movie did. The whole thing is a big joke.
  • I gotta be honest…I wasn’t looking forward to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. until I saw the trailer. Now I’m pretty sure this is on my “must-see” movie list for 2015

  • Rusev vs CenaI don’t anticipate seeing a new U.S. champion this weekend. By hook or by crook, I think Rusev is going to escape FastLane with his title to set-up the big money rematch against John Cena at WrestleMania. As far as I’m concerned, Rusev should continue to be U.S. champion for many more months…continuing to cement his legacy as a fighting champion. I know that somebody needs to knock him down a peg, though…and it might as well be “Super Cena” carrying the American flag. I just don’t think it’ll happen this weekend.
  • Black Cole SunI’ve got the latest Pro Wrestling Guerilla DVD “Black Cole Sun” and cannot wait to watch it over the weekend. Without a doubt, PWG has turned into my favourite promotion by a country mile. It’s not just the matches, which are normally phenomenal…but it’s that crowd. Those fans are insanely entertaining and chant continually without trying to ruin the show (like WWE “smart” fans like to do at live events). And if you can find a better crowd to go along with the “Chuck Taylor slow motion wrestling” segments, then my hat’s off to you. It’s the best promotion going today…period.
  • Universal Studios tweeted out a teaser referencing Back to the Future ’15. I can only hope they aren’t planning a remake.

  • Samoa Joe left TNA this week. It wasn’t a brutal falling out or anything; rather it was apparently about money. TNA wasn’t able to come up with an offer that was close to what Joe felt he was worth after 8 years in the company.

  • Samoa JoeRealistically speaking, Joe isn’t the same dominant force that he was when he entered the company. Bad booking turned him into a middle-card guy, which sucks because he was a main event talent when he signed with TNA. My guess is that he can, once again, become a main event talent very quickly. Look at what AJ Styles has done since leaving TNA. Joe, if motivated, can equal the success of Styles and become an international wrestling force. If there’s any silver lining out there, it’s that Joe is entering the indies at a time when the indies are hot. Not all of them draw in excess of 500 people, but there are a LOT of promotions that are doing VERY well…so I firmly believe that Joe can re-establish himself as a top-flight talent.
  • Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said this week that he’ll approach free agency and the draft as though he has to find a starting quarterback. Ouch…sorry about your damn luck, Johnny Manziel.
  • Bull DempseyBull Dempsey got a dark match tryout at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday. I gotta say…I was absolutely SHOCKED to hear this. I mean, out of ALL of the guys in NXT who are ready to start doing dark matches at live events, Dempsey was near the bottom of my list. He’s got a terrible look and isn’t all that great in the ring, in addition to his complete lack of star power and charisma. I never understood his signing and I just don’t get the opportunity. Why not let Hideo Itami or Finn Balor do a dark match? What about Solomon Crowe? I mean…the list of NXT guys who haven’t yet performed in front of a large WWE audience is long, so why Dempsey? Am I missing something with him?
  • GradoFinally…it’s been a crazy 48 hours if you’re a fan of Grado. Y’see, the popular Scottish wrestling sensation was set to make his TNA Impact debut on Friday against Al Snow. Because he uses a version of Madonna’s “Like a prayer” as his theme song, TNA reached out to get permission to use the song. Apparently, TNA had gotten permission to use the song on the Impact broadcast, but then on Wednesday the permission was rescinded on behalf of Madonna herself. Thus began the #SayYesMadonna hashtag trend. The story was picked up by BuzzfeedUK, the BBC, and even Time Magazine Grado made a video specifically for Madonna and his thousands of fans tweeted and retweeted #SayYesMadonna in an effort to sway her decision. As of this writing, that hasn’t worked…but man, what a great grassroots social media experiment! I mean, Grado isn’t the most talented in-ring performer in the world, but when he comes out to “Like a prayer” and the crowds go ape-shit…it can’t help but put a smile on your face. I hope that she changes her mind, especially considering that she’s a 50-something over-the-hill singer who could use all the publicity she can get.
  • The song of the week is, obviously, “Like a prayer”…but I’ll use the Grado-berg version from his entrance at a big ICW event a few months ago. If you’ve never experienced a Grado entrance, THIS is the one to watch!

  • Of course…this one is pretty awesome, too:


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