The Concert Bucket List

I’m a guy who has been very fortunate in the sense that I’ve seen concerts by some of my favourite all-time acts. I live in a fairly remote area of Canada (i.e. not Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver), so the number of concerts that come by this way are few and far between.

I’ve been able to see KISS, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Barenaked Ladies, ZZ Top, the Eagles, the Steve Miller Band, and (in July) Weird Al Yankovic. That, my friends, pretty much makes up some of my favourite artists. But there are still some out there that I absolutely NEED to see before I die. I mean…seriously.

Green Day1. Green Day – I’ve been a fan since before Dookie was released. There were rumblings of this punk band at my university and I fell in love the first time I heard 2,000 Lights Years Away. When Basket Case was released, I was done. Here was a band that was my age singing songs that were relevant to me. I could relate to the lyrics and could rock the fuck out to their music. A lot of people have said that Green Day has gone downhill in the years since Dookie was released. I’d argue that their music has evolved and grown with them as individuals. Their two lead-off singles from their last albums (Stray Heart and X-Kid) were as good as anything they’d ever done…even if they were more pop than punk. I’ve seen them perform live on television numerous times and, quite frankly, they look like they’d be a killer concert with hits from top to bottom. Consider them at the very top of my list of acts to see.

Billy Joel2. Billy Joel – This is probably the one on the list that may never happen. To the best of my knowledge, Joel has never been to this part of the country. And to the best of my knowledge, he never will. I suppose if I can somehow save up the money to fly down to New York and attend one of this sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden (where he is playing there on a monthly basis), then perhaps it’ll happen. I mean, the list of songs that this man can play that I would recognize is a mile long. He could easily perform 4 or 5 hour concerts with his song collection. This is a dream concert…but definitely one I would love to attend in person.

Walk-Off-The-Earth3. Walk Off The Earth – This is a relatively new band (they’ve been around for a few years now), but I have fallen in love with them. Whether they are doing remakes of original songs (Royals) or providing their own brand of fun folk-pop-rock (Gang of Rhythm), WOTE has a collection of music that easily makes them my favourite current band. I’ve seen them do live gigs on YouTube and it just looks like an incredibly fun show. I’ve heard that they’ll be around this part of the world sometime in 2015 (fingers crossed), so consider my ticket purchased as soon as that’s made official.

Foo Fighters4. Foo Fighters – Honestly…besides Green Day, the Foo Fighters are probably the last great rock band in the world. It’s a genre that’s quickly fading away, but the Foos have been around long enough to remain relevant and continue to kick ass with their music. So many songs…so much rocking out. I would love to sit back and let Dave Grohl go crazy and have fun with the rest of the band. These guys have, by all accounts, proven themselves to be a more influential force in rock’n’roll than Nirvana ever could have dreamed of being. And I would proudly dish out money to see them live.

Kid Rock5. Kid Rock – I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I heard “Batwitdaba”, I wasn’t impressed. After a few listens, though…I was hooked. He has had a ton of songs over the years (Cowboy, Lonely Road of Faith, American Bad Ass, Born Free, All Summer Long) and his newest single (First Kiss) only confirms that he’s still a kick-ass rocker who knows how to put out a great song. He puts everything into his live shows and I would love to be able to experience that energy live and in person.

What about you? Are there any bands or artists out there that you absolutely HAVE to see before you die that are on your bucket list?


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