The World According to ZAH

Blue & Black Ranger

  • Charlotte vs SashaI’ve never been shy about my disdain for women’s wrestling. I know my opinion on this isn’t popular, but for the most part I’ve never found Diva’s matches (or even Knockout matches, for that matter) to be that great. There were always exceptions, but they were few and far between. The last couple of years have seen a resurgence of extremely talented female wrestlers like AJ Lee and Natalya and Paige. When I watched the last couple of NXT “events”, I was blown away by the performances of new NXT Divas champion Sasha Banks and former champ Charlotte. So while I’m still not a huge fan of the divas, I’m definitely all about watching longer matches with actual wrestlers (sorry Rosa Mendes & Emma vs BellaEva Marie…stay off my television). What happened to Emma on Monday Night RAW was a joke. She’s too talented of an in-ring performer to be treated that way. They ruined her call-up and so she’s a gimmick-less performer floating around from house show to house show. Obviously, not everybody needs to be fantastic in the ring (the Bellas are capable, as is Alicia Fox)…but the whole #GiveDivasAChance wasn’t just created to make fun of the ridiculous begging of fans to vote R-Truth into an Intercontinental title match (which has got to be a fuckin’ rib of some kind). It’s about people wanting to see more from the divas…and not just craptastic squash matches, either.

There ARE women out there who are attractive AND can wrestle…why can’t we get on RAW what we can get on NXT (or Impact for that matter). So yeah…the guy who never cared for women’s wrestling is all about the #GiveDivasAChance Crazy, but true.

  • Avengers Age of UltronWhy are the trailers and movie posters for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film hiding (ignoring?) the appearance of Vision? It’s certainly not a secret that Vision is appearing in the movie…so why all of the secrecy? I’m super intrigued because the character is just so unique…you gotta wonder how they’re going to make it appear as realistic as possible. There is going to be so much fallout coming from this movie in terms of the MCU, this is definitely # 2 on my “Must See Movies of 2015” behind the new Star Wars movie in December.
  • Samoa JoeI don’t know about you, but I’m super-stoked to watch every single match that Samoa Joe ends up having in Ring of Honor. My gut feeling tells me that, similar to AJ Styles, Joe is going to be reinvigorated and re-inspired to get out there and perform like he’s the baddest man on the planet. In this day and age of independents, I really believe that Joe can make substantially more money now than he did in TNA. Obviously, it’s not guaranteed and the schedule would have him away from his family more, but if this is what he wants to do then he certainly has the ability to reestablish himself as the best wrestler in the world. He’s currently scheduled to debut on Sunday’s Anniversary PPV.
  • Survivor - Worlds ApartBeing the reality show junkie that I am, I was super stoked to find out both Survivor and Amazing Race were starting up this past week. With Hell’s Kitchen returning and MasterChef Canada still chugging along, I’ll be busy catching up on my TV programming in the coming weeks…especially considering I’m still knee-deep into The Walking Dead and raring to get back into Mad Men and Game of Thrones. ARGH…too much good TV!!
  • Rey MysterioNot shocked to see Rey Mysterio finally released from his WWE contract this week. He’s been wanting to leave for quite some time, which is odd because he’s had tremendous success with the company. I’m sure the story will come out eventually, but I don’t think it’s a huge loss for WWE at this point in Mysterio’s career. It seemed like he’d wrestle for two months and get injured again…so instead of retiring gracefully and becoming an ambassador for the company, he’d rather continue wrestling for AAA. Expect him to show up on Lucha Underground soon…which makes the program even more interesting with the recent addition of Alberto El Patron. Will the two men help boost ratings for the program? It’s hard to say…but it should be an interesting 2015 with that particular program. I’d like to see another wrestling promotion do well; I just don’t know if this particular one is the answer.
  • GWAR In Concert - San Francisco, CAFor whatever reason, I’ve found myself going down the GWAR YouTube rabbit hole lately. I was saddened to learn of the death of lead singer Dave Brockie (i.e. Oderus Urungus) last year, and while re-watching a performance of their version of the Billy Ocean classic, “Get outta my dreams”, I saw that there was a new GWAR performance online. After chasing more rabbit holes, I found out that original GWAR member Mike Bishop (i.e. the original Beefcake the Mighty) had returned to the band last summer to be their new lead vocalist, Blothar. In addition, I also found that they introduced a new female Vulvatronvocalist named Vulvatron, played by clothing designer (amongst many other talents) Kim Dylla. Will this help GWAR continue on without Oderus? So far the answer seems to be “yes”…with the band playing on in honor of both Brockie and fellow fallen GWAR member Cory Smoot (i.e. Flattus Maximus). They remade a version of the Pet Shop Boys’ song “West End Girls” and it’s not terrible. I miss Brockie, though…he had such amazing charisma and personality that you couldn’t help but listen to everything he said while in Oderus character. It’s a shame his demons and addictions ruined what should have been a pretty run as a rock god.
  • The song of the week is GWAR’s performance of “Get outta my dreams”. Tune in all the way…there’s a special mash-up as the song goes on that’s pretty impressive.


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