Who Should Be Called-Up Next From NXT?

WWE NXTThere is a LOT of talent in NXT right now. Arguably, there is almost as much talent on the NXT roster as there is on the main roster. The whole point of NXT isn’t just to confirm performers into “WWE robots”, but it’s to help them learn the art of storytelling; help them learn things that they thought they knew but didn’t really know. It’s about adapting their style to a slower form of wrestling that will still entertain crowds and help their bodies last a lot longer.

Some performers adapt (i.e. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose), while other performers don’t (i.e. Chris Hero). There are a lot of guys on the NXT roster that probably deserve to be called up based on their experience alone. But really…who should be called up to the main roster based on what they’re doing now?

  1. Sami ZaynSami Zayn – I think this one is probably the easiest to pick simply because I believe he’s the next coming of Daniel Bryan. The guy is unbelievable in the ring. He’s also personable and has a likable character that people gravitate towards. You want another believable underdog like Bryan who has the potential to beat any given WWE superstar on any given day? Zayn is your man. With a ton of experience and the ability to work different styles against different opponents, he’s absolutely ready for the main roster.Sami Zayn 2
  2. Kevin OwensKevin Owens – This one might be controversial only because he’s been in NXT a lot shorter of a time period than most of the guys on this list. Here’s the thing, though: he GETS it. He knows his character…he knows his gimmick…he knows how to promo…he knows how to perform…he has charisma both inside and outside of the ring. The guy has everything but the “perfect physique”, and it’s obvious that he’s lost weight since signing with WWE last year, so he’s proving that he can take this seriously enough to warrant a physical transformation. My take on Owens is that he could debut on RAW next week and main event WrestleMania in two to three years: THAT is how good this guy is.Kevin Owens 2
  3. Sasha BanksSasha Banks – Out of all of the very talented NXT divas, Banks is the one that truly is the complete package right now. Personality, beauty, charisma, gimmick, and in-ring ability…you can’t ask for anything else in a diva. And here’s the thing: her gimmick isn’t one that would take weeks and weeks to explain to the main roster like Emma. She wouldn’t have to build-up a following without any support like Paige. She’s similar to Alicia Fox, but more complete as an overall performer. If anybody gets a call to the main Diva roster next, it should be Banks.Sasha Banks 2
  4. Finn BalorFinn Balor – Similar to Zayn, Balor is the complete package inside of the ring. He’s not huge, but he’s talented enough to make you believe that he can defeat any WWE superstar on any given day. When you add his face paint and unique ring entrance…then you’ve got an absolute marketing/merchandise juggernaut waiting to happen. Sports entertainment isn’t always about wrestling…it’s a business. Balor is a man that can combine both and that is a lethal combination. His promo skills aren’t terrible, either…so he could certainly work his way into the upper-midcard within a 12-month timeframe.Finn Balor 2
  5. Tyler BreezeTyler Breeze – The pride of the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy, Breeze has been wrestling for over seven years now and is at the perfect age of 27. He’s extremely capable inside of the ring and he’s got a gimmick and personality to spare. I doubt he’ll ever be WWE World Heavyweight Champion at 6’0” and 207lbs, but I could totally see him as IC champion or tag team champion at some point. “Prince Pretty” has been in the thick of things for a few years now, being a former Florida champion and being in the mix for the NXT title. His size is an issue, but his mean streak and heel persona would more than make up for that. Give him his shot…he has earned it. And really, there is nobody else like him in WWE. He’s got a totally original gimmick that will garner a reaction every single time he walks through the curtain.Tyler Breeze 2

So who did I miss? Who do you think is ready for the main roster today?


5 thoughts on “Who Should Be Called-Up Next From NXT?

  1. Agree with you that Owens is beyond ready for the big time (though they’ll need him if NXT is becoming a touring company) and Breeze is there, too. No problem seeing Sasha Banks or Finn Balor, too. While I love Sami Zayn and your arguments make sense….. I can’t believe that WWE would even want to bring in another Daniel Bryan in at this point, given all the headaches he’s inadvertently caused in this era of fan activism. Maybe I’m being overly negative, but that’s my thought….

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    • I think the general consensus is that Zayn can pick up the torch that Bryan leaves behind in terms of “wrestle-centric fan favourite”. I doubt he’ll ever be WWE champion, but he’ll be US champ or IC champ or tag champ and will have a very successful career. It’s one of those situations where the cream rises to the top (or in this case, the best wrestlers in the company will rise a la Dolph Ziggler), and Zayn has a built-in fan-base that will cheer the heck out of him regardless of how he’s booked.

      He’s already been NXT champion, which means that Triple H believes in him. He’s already wrestled on numerous house show tours and even appeared on a couple of Main Event programs (not to mention that one RAW match a couple of months ago).

      So yeah..it’ll happen. And even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s ready for the main roster.

      Or maybe I’m just being overly positive…


  2. I think out of all of these guys KO deserves the ‘Big Time’ the most. I don’t think his physique is necessarily an issue either – just look at Wyatt for example. I really hope he gets the call up soon cos I’ve been seriously impressed with what little I’ve seen of him so far.

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    • I’ve been a follower of Kevin Steen for years now. This guy always had “it”, but WWE never came calling because he didn’t have what they were looking for. Because of that, he just let himself go and continued to wrestle for a living.

      Now, Kevin Owens is one of the most complete all-around entertainers in the entire business. He’s lost weight since moving to NXT and will certainly be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later.


  3. Yeah Owens draft is imminent but CanadianBulldog has a point with NXT becoming a touring company soon… but I think NXT will always have its followers. Seems to have built a decent rep and seems to be a fairly efficient revolving door of development. No doubt some other impressive talent will fill their boots.

    I wasn’t too sure on Finn Balor a little while back but having seen what he’s about and a bit more of him on NXT and read about his work on the Indy stage all over the world it really convinced me. He’s one hell of a talented guy….kind of like Adrian Neville but with way more charisma and mic skills. Let’s hope he gets drafted along with KO cos they put on an awesome show.

    Would also be nice to see a new Irish face on the scene….one that would be a massive improvement on the big ginger zombie Sheamus!


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