#FireBillDeMott Works

After a week of online animosity building up, along with more and more former NXT performers coming out publicly to relay their own tales…Bill DeMott appears to have resigned as a trainer for NXT in Florida.

The full quote is as follows…

I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately.

I would like to think that WWE asked him to resign with some dignity and respect, as opposed to them having to fire him publicly. That may not be the case at all, but it seems the most likely scenario. Will we ever learn the truth about what happened? It’s hard to say…it really depends on what you believe the truth is. Until DeMott actually admits to the allegations, it will always be a case of “he said, they said”.

Having said that, there are a lot of happy campers tonight in the wrestling world. I just wonder what’s going to happen next for not only DeMott but also for NXT...

There is much more to this story that, I’m sure, will come out in the following weeks.

UPDATE #1: The story is that Bill DeMott was not technically released from WWE, but rather will be working in a new role. Matt Bloom is reportedly going to be the new interim trainer but no official announcement has been made.

UPDATE #2: WWE representatives have told PWInsider that DeMott is gone from the company, not just the developmental system or NXT.


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