Why Kevin Owens Is Awesome

Kevin Owens 2I’m sure I’m not alone in the thought process that Kevin Owens is awesome. Most people would point to his storied indie wrestling career and his no-nonsense take-no-prisoners style in the ring as a glaring reason why he’s so great.

I, for one, think it’s his personality.

Kevin OwensY’see, one of the greatest assets of “Kevin Steen” on the indies was his jaw-jacking with the live crowds (very similar to what Adam Cole does now). He could make the crowd laugh or incite them to riot with just a few words. It’s that kind of charisma that will serve him extremely well in WWE.

That’s not the only thing that makes him awesome, though. I mean, this is a guy who loves his family desperately and would do anything to make their lives better. On top of that, he’s a zoo enthusiast (which I didn’t know what a term until I became a Steen fan)…how cool is that?

One of my favourite things, though, is his Twitter feed. Seriously.

Kevin OwensHe can shut you down and bitch-slap you with kindness. I mean, when you’re playing the heel you’re going to end up with a shit-ton of trolls trying to get you upset online. Plus, there’s still a large contingent of fans out there who take babyfaces and heels very seriously (ex: “You hurt my favourite wrestler!”).

Owens has found a way to (a) feed the trolls, (b) shut down the trolls, and (c) entertain the hell out of his real fans.

Don’t believe me? Just check these out for yourself…

Not only that, but he’s pretty entertaining on his own, too…

I truly believe it’s only a matter of time before Owens finds himself on the main roster. I think he has too much to offer to simply run the show in NXT for too long. And when he gets called up, count me in as one of his biggest supporters.


One thought on “Why Kevin Owens Is Awesome

  1. Agreed x 1000. I really didn’t think WWE would let Steen be Steen, but they really have so far (other than calling him “Steen”, I suppose). Could see KO doing big business down the road with him and Cena, Bryan, Reigns and even Sheamus.

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