The Truth Hurts Sometimes

So Zack Ryder put this up on Twitter today:

Edgeheads vs BatistaDue to the ongoing Twitter “war” with various insults being thrown between him and Adam Rose, I felt it was a good time to give my opinion of his “Throwback Thursday” post.

Harsh? A bit.

Reality? Absolutely.

Because let’s face it, Ryder was an abysmal failure in his solo run. He was finally given the ball and he dropped it like a hot coal.  That means the last time he was relevant at all was when he was one of the “Edgeheads” with Curt Hawkins. Hawkins may not be with the company anymore, but as least Brian Myers is out there every weekend killin’ it on the indies and making a name for himself with a new identity and a new gimmick.

What’s Ryder doing…buying more toys of himself on eBay?

Apparently, lil’ Zackie doesn’t like anybody outside of WWE to make fun of him…even though he brings in on himself.

That’s alright, Ryder…I won’t make fun of you for being a whiny little bitch. Just be thankful that Adam Rose is keeping you relevant. Enjoy it while it lasts because you’ll be teaming with Myers soon enough.



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