The World According to ZAH

Tomorrowland– I’ll be honest…I wasn’t really that keen on watching Tomorrowland. The “teaser” trailer did nothing for me. The new full trailer, though, has me extremely interested. This is the difference between a great trailer and the trailer from Ant-Man. One can turn an average-looking movie into a hit and the other can turn a sure-fire box-office winner into just another movie.

GAME OF THRONES!!! Holy crap…I can’t wait for this show to return!!

LeSean McCoy - Buffalo Bill– What in the blue hell has been going on in the NFL this past week? I mean…I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the type of moves I’ve seen in the first few days of free agency as I’ve seen over this past week. There are a LOT of interesting moves from some teams. The Buffalo Bills picked up LeSean McCoy and Matt Cassell to a ton of fanfare. Rex Ryan is also looking at Percy Harvin and Charles Clay. Can you imagine THAT offensive line-up?? Speaking of awesome offensive line-ups, what about the Indianapolis Colts?

JETS– The New York Jets have picked up Darelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Brandon Marshall. It’s a shame they still only have Geno Smith to rely on, but maybe Fitzpatrick will get an opportunity. And the Eagles were looking horrific for a second with getting rid of McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, and Nick Foles with only getting Sam Bradford in return for their offense…but with the signing of DeMarco Murray things are looking a little bit better.

Jimmy Graham Seahawks– The biggest head-scratchers have been Jimmy Graham traded to Seattle, Julius Thomas signing with Jacksonville (really??), KC dishing out more money for Jeremy Maclin than Green Bay did to re-sign Randall Cobb, and Torrey Smith getting more money than either of those WR’s by signing with the 49ers.

What a crazy week. GODDAMN I love the NFL!!

NXT touring– I know that there are a number of people concerned about how NXT is planning on touring, and how those tours could turn into WWE trying to get rid of the biggest and best local indie feds out there. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Listen…sure, NXT has signed some of the best independent talent available in the world over the past year. Yes, they’ll plan on going out and touring. But I don’t think that spells the end of red-hot indies like PWG, ROH, or even House of Hardcore. There are simply too many ex-WWE veterans and too many talented up-and-comers out there…NXT can’t sign them all. And I don’t know about you, but the last time I looked the indie scene was pretty damn hot. There are packed houses all over the United States and I can tell you that not all of them are using the draw of multiple ex-WWE talents to get over with local crowds. To me, the indy scene is too strong right now. NXT will simply be one more incredibly awesome alternative for wrestling fans to love.

– Every once in awhile, I’ll come up with something good…

– This announcement about the new Star Wars franchise left me quite happy…

Boba FettAs much as I am looking forward to a Boba Fett stand-alone movie, I’m excited to see what they do with a potential Rogue One franchise. I mean, it’s a whole part of the Star Wars expanded universe that nobody has ever looked at before. This is VERY exciting news. I think it’s extremely intelligent to not rely on the original trilogy for everything. There are just so many stories to tell within the EU that you’ll never run out of great movies to make.

Star Wars Rebels– I’ve been getting into the new Star Wars Rebels animated series with my son, too. Knowing that this is “official canon” bridging Episode III and Episode IV is quite exciting. And I’ll be honest, when my son and I watched the season finale’s final minutes we gave each other hi-fives in excitement…I mean, Ahsoka Tano AND Darth Vader??? FUCK YEAH!!!

Nickelback– And let be clear…I don’t give a FUCK if you think I’m lame or not, I’m not a hater of Nickelback. In fact, I think they’re a pretty decent rock band. Are they the end-all for rock-n-roll? Of course not, but the legions of haters out there that hate because it’s hip and cool are fucking annoying. For that reason alone, I feel like I want to like more of Nickelback’s music. I mean…for chrissakes, people: they’re musicians. If you’re gonna hate on somebody, hate on Madonna for trying to look hot in her 50’s instead of aging gracefully (Tina Turner, anyone?). Hate on the entire rap genre right now because it’s “not hip” to have a rap song with a catchy beat. Hate on Miley Cyrus because…well…she’s an untalented cunt. If you don’t like their music, then have at ‘er. But if you’ve only listened to one or two songs and hate on Nickelback because everybody else does, grow the fuck up already. I’m so fucking over it.

– Song of the week is from, as you’d expect, Nickelback. It’s a new song that people are really loving or REALLY hating. I compare it to KISS dipping their feet into the disco pool with I Was Made For Loving You and having a ton of backlash (even though it’s still one of their most popular songs today). The video, unfortunately, doesn’t help their cause:


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