The World According to ZAH

  • Justin Bieber roastThe Justin Bieber Roast was taped this week for Comedy Central. I’m not a fan of Bieber by any stretch, so I’m totally looking forward to seeing how these comedians skewer the kid. But here’s the thing…Bieber’s done a lot of stupid things over the past couple of years, so hopefully a little humility will help him. I doubt it…but it’d be nice. Here’s a link to some of the best jokes from the roast: Best Bieber Zingers
  • larry-zbyzko-hall-of-fame“The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko was the latest name to be entered into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015. I gotta say that this one was probably long overdue. Even if he didn’t do much of note after his huge Shea Stadium match with Bruno Sammartino, he would have earned as much as a spot as, say, Koko B. Ware He did incredible work in the AWA before doing more great work in WCW prior to doing awesome work as a commentator. I mean, really…Zbyszko’s had a helluva career. He was never the “go to” guy in terms of big-time draws (at least after his feud with Sammartino), but he was always “in the mix”. Definitely a more deserved entry than a lot of others who are already in there.
  • Tim TebowTim Tebow did a workout with the Philadelphia Eagles this past week. I, for one, am shocked that Tebow has been out of the league for a year. Everybody and their dog constantly complained about his mechanics and his ability to work out of the pocket and blah blah blah. You know what I saw in the guy? A WINNER. The guy won in college, he won in Denver, and he won in New York when given legitimate opportunities. I think using him as a “Wildcat QB” was a ridiculous idea, because you take away from the rhythm of the starting quarterback while also preventing the back-up quarterback from getting any momentum. Yes, I totally realize that he had the lowest completion percentage of any quarterback within the same timeframe, but I don’t think that was entirely his fault. I think having Tebow as a back-up, especially in an offense like Chip Kelly’s, could be a brilliant idea…though I’ve read there’s no chance of him actually signing. If nothing else, I think Tebow deserves a legitimate shot to work in the NFL. Think I’m crazy? Here’s a stat for you…

Matt Ryan - Tebow

  • There was a video release this week on YouTube called Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling. Basically, this guy chronicles the story of Triple H from the beginning of his WWE career through to current day using hot chicks instead of male wrestlers. He also tells it from the point of view of somebody who is a casual fan (maybe?) and includes a number of cameos from indy performers like Joey Ryan, Colt Cabana, and many more. It’s entertaining as hell, but I’ll admit…I don’t know if I quite get the purpose behind it. Is it really just trying to throw shade on Triple H? Or is it trying to tell casual fans that wrestling KNOWS it’s not real sport and plays into the entertainment aspect of it all? I dunno…but trust me, take the 20 minutes to watch this video.

  • This brings me to think of another video that was released a few weeks ago. This thing is absolutely spectacular. Vince McMahon needs to see this video and really think about where his product is now and where it’s going versus where it should be and where it could go.

  • Pacquiao vs MayweatherI used to be a huge boxing fan, but I gave up on the sport years ago. It just seemed silly to have two grown-ass men standing inside of a ring throwing punching at each other’s head in an effort to either knock them unconscious or beat them so badly that they can’t stand up. Still…I’m intrigued about the match-up that’s finally taking place between Manny Pacquiao taking on Floyd Mayweather. I mean, you’re talking about the two greatest fighters of the past decade stepping inside of the ring to square off against one another. Mayweather is 47-0…Pacquiao is 57-5-2. Something’s gotta give. My money’s on Mayweather, though I don’t see it being a cakewalk by any stretch. The fight takes place on May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather will receive the bulk of a 60-40 money split in a fight that could gross up to $400 million. I mean…wow. They’re calling it “The Fight of the Century”. Considering it’s only 2015, I think that’s a little premature…but it’s definitely the fight of the century so far.
  • I had heard a little bit about the upcoming movie Pixels, but hadn’t really thought about it once filming began. Now the first preview is out and I have to say…I’m really intrigued. It’s a very unique concept for a movie and with some of the actors involved, it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Don’t just take my word for it, though…see for yourself:

  • Song of the week: “The dirtiest drunk in the history of liquor” by the Stanfields. Not familiar with it? Trust me…you’ll like this one.


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