Did Brock Lesnar Just Save WrestleMania?

Make me look strongLet’s face it…you haven’t been very excited about WrestleMania this year.

That’s okay, though. You’re certainly not alone. This isn’t a blog post meant to bash WWE in any way, but it’s pretty safe to say that they dropped the ball in a major way with the build-up to “The Showcase of The Immortals”. There are a number of reasons for this…

Orton & RollinsRandy Orton vs Seth Rollins is a redundant at this point. Rollins put out Orton. Orton came back and beat the ever-loving shit out of Rollins. Now ROLLINS (i.e. the heel) is the one looking for revenge. What? It’ll be a great match, but Orton already got payback…the match is unnecessary.

Cena kills RusevJohn Cena vs Rusev is being foreshadowed as a given win for Cena at this point. Could there be an upset with Rusev winning? Yes…but it’s highly unlikely. The “Super Cena” booking is really old at this point.

All hell breaks loose– The Intercontinental Title Ladder Match should be extremely entertaining, but most of the guys have been booked as loser up to this point…so the winner will probably end up losing a non-title match within the next couple of weeks. The hope is, obviously, that whoever wins helps restore the title to some kind of recognition…but that’s unlikely.

Bray WyattBray Wyatt vs Undertaker is unnecessary and boring. No offense to Wyatt, but to build-up a huge match with only one combatant saying anything leaves me with a big yawn. Taker didn’t appear in a single television program to hype the match. And really…after last year…why should Taker even come back? There isn’t any real heat here.

THE GEEKY LOSERS aka THE NEW DAY– The Tag Team Title Match is a joke. A make-shift team of two internet darlings defending their belts against New Day (who couldn’t be more NOT OVER if they tried), Los Matadores (seriously?), and the only real tag team of the bunch, the Usos. The tag title picture isn’t looking any better with bad-ass wannabe’s The Ascension and the mistake-prone Lucha Dragons waiting in the wings.  Sigh.

– The rest of the card, with maybe the exception of Sting/Triple H and the Bellas/Paige & AJ, looks to be a big snoozefest.

Lesnar vs ReignsThe main event of Roman Reigns taking on Brock Lesnar was botched so badly that people were already dreading the predictable victory by Reigns so Lesnar could go do a few more matches in UFC.

That was, at least, until last night’s huge announcement…


Heyman and LesnarThe fact that Lesnar has effectively retired from mix martial arts is a MASSIVE win for WWE. Not only that, but now the “predictable” finish of Reigns winning is now completely out the window. There are multiple scenarios that could now play out and there has been a buzz about the finish by online fans since the announcement was made.

Rumble 2015If nothing else, this should prevent a lot of the boos that were expected to take place during the match itself (similar to the Royal Rumble). If fans don’t automatically know Reigns will win, then they won’t boo the finish they think they know is coming.

This also throws immediate interest into a main event that was, at the very least, lackluster in its build. As I’ve mentioned before, I felt bad for Reigns because he has really done nothing wrong other than flub a few ridiculously cheesy lines that were written for him by Vince McMahon himself. Because WWE tried to change and alter his character to be more appealing to the masses, they made him a “marked man” in the eyes of a large portion of the WWE Universe who, up until that point, at least, were solidly behind him. Seth RollinsSo now you’ve got a scenario where Reigns could win, Lesnar could win, or Seth Rollins could be involved. This new announcement completely opens up the main event in a way that hasn’t been done in a couple of years (c’mon…you all knew that Daniel Bryan was winning last year).

Has this situation now, in essence, saved WrestleMania? Could the potential for a completely unpredictable main event now generate interest in a PPV that was on cruise control?

It’s hard to say. It’s only Wednesday and you now have four days to fully take advantage of this announcement. Having Brock go on ESPN to make the announcement was a massive win as a huge audience now knows and, from what I’ve seen, pretty much all sports media are picking up the story because it’s seen as a loss for UFC (though Dana White seems quite happy for him).

I’m now very much interested in the main event. From what I can see, so are a lot of wrestling fans. Has it saved the whole PPV? It’s hard to say…but I guess we’ll know for sure on Sunday.roman-reigns-vs-brock-lesnar


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