Throwback Thursday: Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior

Macho HOFWith Randy “Macho Man” Savage being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend, I thought I’d scour YouTube to find a classic Savage match to post as a tribute to one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. While I didn’t find a “classic”, I found a match where Savage was truly at the top of his game.

Let’s face it…for as much as I loved the Ultimate Warrior, I fully realize that he was all muscle and charisma and didn’t really have much for in-ring talent. When I watch this match (which is from Boston Gardens and is a title-for-title match), it truly showcases just how Savage could have a match with anybody and make them look good.

You would wonder how a title-for-title unification match ends up without a unification. I guess you have to watch to see how it ended up.


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior

  1. When I was a kid I was a huge Warrior fan but many years later as a grown up, I’m now a huge fan of Savage. With the knowledge and understanding of wrestling that I now have, you have to say Macho Man was the greatest, hardest working and most talented wrestler’s of his generation. Easily the most complete superstars we’ve ever seen as he just had everything – Great look, electric charisma, brilliant on the mic, awesome mat skills, wide move set, knew how to sell moves, and fantastic stamina. Such an incredibly gifted worker consistently going at full pace and I totally agree that he made a lot of average wrestlers look very good. I was pretty surprised that he hadn’t been inducted to HOF already. True legend! Oooooooohhh yeahh!

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    • I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen that match. I know that Savage made Steamboat go over the match with him for hours before it happened, because he was such a perfectionist and wanted it to be the best match on the card. If not the “greatest” WWE match of all time, it’s certainly one of the most memorable…and a match that would help redefine how a wrestling match should go.


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