Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

I’ve always been a Tom Cruise fan. I mean, I never thought he was somebody I’d ever want to hang out with, but for a very long time you’d be hard pressed to find a movie of his that completely sucked.

Even now, in 2015, the list of “great movies” vs “bad movies” is heavily weighted on the side of “great”. Cruise has always had an uncanny ability to take something that sounded weird (Edge of Tomorrow ) or boring (Jack Reacher, Valkyrie) and make it interesting. Obviously, some movies were so bad even he couldn’t save them (Rock of Ages, Eyes Wide Shut), but he can’t win them all.

When I heard that a fifth Mission: Impossible film was coming out, I was very skeptical. When I saw a pic from the new trailer, I was even MORE skeptical.


But then the trailer came out. This reminded me of the first Mission that I enjoyed so much. And I won’t lie…I like the team that they’ve put together with Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner.anigif_optimized-19681-1427124968-26

Some may scoff and say that Cruise needs to quit trying to be an action hero, but I say screw that. The guy is still a kick-ass actor and is one of the few actors who can still realistically look like he can kick your ass on film.missionimpossiblefiverogue1

He’s not bringing Jean Claude Van Damme martial arts skills with him. He’s not bringing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s muscles with him. But he’s a fantastic actor (and, from what I’ve read, pretty weird in real life) and that goes a very long way with me.anigif_optimized-19493-1427125589-14

The film looks like another “winner” to me. Action-packed with a dash of comedy and some good thriller storyline thrown in for good measure. taDbOZ

But don’t just trust me. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself!


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