The World According to ZAH

  • AJ 12So AJ Lee retired on Friday. I think most hardcore wrestling fans saw this coming a mile away, but I gotta admit…it still doesn’t make the whole thing any easier to digest. Lee was, without question, one of the greatest all-around female performers of all time. Her mic work was fantastic. Her moveset was impressive. Her selling was top-notch. She was the perfect Diva without becoming one of “those types” of Divas; being memorable for all of the right reasons. Will she begin a family with CM Punk now? Will she simply have fun being a stay-at-home wife? Will she enter the world of entertainment in another form? Who knows what the future holds for Lee (hopefully she’ll go on The Art of Wrestling and let us know), but I’d like to thank the Geek Goddess for helping me become a fan of women’s wrestling. #ThankYouAJ
  • Ummm…is it just me or was that one of the best WrestleMania events of all time? From top to bottom…wow, what an incredible show!
  • Seth Rollins - WWE champIt’s been an incredible rise to the top for Seth Rollins. I remember watching him in Ring of Honor as a member of the incredible faction Age of the Fall with new WWE creative member Jimmy Jacobs (among many others). I thought that not only was their gimmick incredible, but that Tyler Black (as he was then known by) was one of the most impressive young performers I had seen in a very long time. From ROH tag team champion to ROH champion to being the first NXT champion to WWE tag team champion to WWE World Heavyweight Champion…it’s been an amazing ride for Rollins. Don’t for a second think, however, that anything was handed to him. He’s currently the best in the world for a reason. I look forward to the “Rollins Era” and watching him main event for years to come.
  • ZaynThank fuck that none of my girls are into One Direction right now. I mean…three of them had MASSIVE One Direction crushes about a year or two ago, but they’ve “moved on” since then. Watching some of the insane reactions of girls around the world has me very thankful. I mean…it’s a kid named Zayn. Get over it.
  • KalistoIt was very exciting to see the RAW debuts of both Neville and Kalisto this past Monday. Both debuts were extremely well done. Neville absolutely dominated Curtis Axel and was booked to look like a superstar in the making. Kalisto was stuck in his Lucha Dragon tag team with the less talented Sin Cara 2, yet the San Jose crowd were SUPER excited to watch him perform and made him look like the only superstar in the entire 8-man tag match. Congrats to both men and I really look forward to seeing their development over the coming months.
  • Finn BalorRight now Finn Bãlor is scheduled to be at the next several weeks of WWE television. This obviously does not mean that he will be debuting immediately, but it does show that WWE is grooming him to appear on RAW and Smackdown by having him do dark matches or simply be backstage to watch everything and continue to learn the ropes. I’ve also read that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are on the same schedule, but with both of them currently nursing injuries I don’t expect them to do anything on television. It’s an exciting time for independent wrestling fans, as there hasn’t been buzz about WWE call-ups like this since CM Punk and Daniel Bryan debuted on the main roster.

  • the walking deadThe Walking Dead finale was insanely good. There weren’t any major casualties from the main players, but the action, acting, and storylines were fantastic. I’m so glad this show isn’t just about zombies and killing them with gory scenes. I mean, that happens…but it’s not the focus of the show (much like Cloverfield wasn’t exactly about the monster). What makes this show so popular isn’t the zombie apocalypse; it’s the storylines about people living in the zombie apocalypse. The final seconds with Rick were CRAZY. I’m already salivating for next season.
  • Thankfully, in the meantime we’ll have Fear The Walking Dead (a pretty cheesy name, actually) starting up in the summer. The spin-off series looks to take a look at Los Angeles from the beginning of the outbreak…so hopefully it’ll take things in a very unique and original direction. I mean, if it’s just another group of people facing zombies every day then there’s really no point to it all. But in terms of timelines, this takes place a few months before Rick wakes up from his coma…so there is a lot of things that we’ll (hopefully) get to learn from the show. Here is the official teaser:

  • CharlotteApparently, Vince McMahon was extremely impressed with the work of both Sasha Banks and Charlotte last weekend when he attended the NXT show in San Jose. He was most impressed with Charlotte, who has a presence about her that could get her called-up to the main roster sooner rather than later. She’s got an “it factor” about her and has star quality. I don’t think she’s ready for the main roster, but what Vince wants Vince gets. I’m looking forward to how the Diva division might look after they trim the fat and bring in the goods.
  • I grew up a massive fan of Van Halen. Admittedly, I was more of a Van Hagar fan (blasphemy, I know) but I still quite enjoyed the David Lee Roth years and was a huge fan of his solo work. After seeing them on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, though, I think it’s fair to say that the band sound fantastic (Eddie Van Halen, in particular, looks happy and healthy) but Roth sounds like a goat being strangled. Not only that, but there’s something that’s always “off” about him, too. I can’t quite place my finger on it…but the dude is weird.

  • Song of the week comes from my favourite (mellow) band, Walk Off The Earth. This is a great Canadian band that has been making music for a few years now with some incredible videos and no record deal. One video with a giant guitar later and they’re on Ellen and everybody loves them. I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan for a VERY long time now and I can’t wait to see them become more and more successful. Their newest single is called “Rule The World”.


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