Throwback Thursday: Lex Luger vs Bruiser Brody (cage match)

This is one of the most famous (or infamous) matches in Florida wrestling history. It involved a young upstart named Lex Luger and a wily veteran named Bruiser Brody.

Lex LugerLex Luger had a body that looked like it was chiseled out of stone. He wasn’t the greatest technical wrestler in the world, but he turned his good looks into a pretty damn good wrestling career. When he started, he was brash and arrogant because he was constantly told of what a great future superstar he was going to become.

Bruiser BrodyBruiser Brody was a journeyman. But for those uninformed (and why are you reading this if that’s the case?), that’s only a description of his wrestling mandate. He was a global traveler who wrestled anybody and everybody. He got over in every territory he was ever involved with and was a legend in both Japan and Puerto Rico.

Now depending on who you listen to or what version you read, this was either a “shoot”, a “schmoz”, or simply a veteran teaching a young punk a lesson. As the match got about halfway finished, Brody simply stopped cooperating with Luger. It intimidated him to the point that he got himself intentionally disqualified and pretty much ran up and over the cage and straight to the back.

The story goes that Luger didn’t even shower. He went to the back, grabbed his gear, hopped in his car, and drove off. A few weeks later he started wrestling for Jim Crockett Promotions and become a national superstar.

The referee for the match, infamous ECW manager Bill Alfonso, has stated that Luger tried to be the lead in the match, which is unusual as the heel normally dictates the pace. Plus, Luger was still really green and Brody was a veteran. He says that Luger simply got scared and the moral of the story, basically, is that you don’t tell a legend how to work a match.

But don’t trust the stories, watch the match for yourself and come to your own conclusion!


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