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RAW MontrealWe’re in Montreal, Quebec at the (surprisingly) not sold-out Bell Center. Canada is normally called “Bizarro World” so it should be interesting to see how they react to Vince’s “force fed booking”.

Orton & ReignsRandy Orton comes out to a monster pop. He’s not the biggest babyface in the world, but he has certainly earned his cheers from a “respect factor” alone after the career he has had so far. He quickly said that he was going to be WWE World champion after Payback and there was nothing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins could do about it. This brought out Reigns to a monster pop. Of course, those quickly turned to boos as the two men faced off.

– Just as you thought things would break down, out came The New Day to end the negativity. NEW DAY

– I lost interest but eventually they said that Kane had ordered Orton and Reigns to take on all three members of New Day. At least TND had one good zinger:

New Day vs Orton & Reigns– The match itself was very standard. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then came the hot finish. It really looked like Orton and Reigns were about to win the whole thing when Reigns inadvertently speared Orton. Big E then held down the legs of Reigns as Kofi pinned Orton for the 1-2-3. A nice surprise. 

Kane then came out and said that he was making a main event for tonight…

– Kane and Seth Rollins then had a backstage segment where Rollins was told he was going to face Dean Ambrose tonight with J&J Security being banned from the building. I’m interested to see what the payoff will be with this Kane babyface tease. To me, it could all be a set-up. I just don’t know what they can do with Kane as a babyface.

Renee Young is inside the ring to host an in-ring interview with Ryback (#SteroidGuy). The boos are audible right away, as is a “Goldberg” chant. I’ll give Ryback this…he handled the crowd quite well. They thought they would drown him out, but he came back with another audible before continuing on with his promo. I hate the douche, but he earned a spot in the ring with a mic.

– Bray Wyatt then appeared on the TitanTron to deliver his own brand of cryptic verbiage.

Cesaro & Kidd vs AscensionCesaro & Kidd made their way to the ring, accompanied by Natalya. BIG pop for this team. Two Canadians and one of the most underutilized performers on the roster? Yeah…they’re going to get a big pop. They’re taking on The Ascension. Ugh. Thankfully, Cesaro was the one who made the hot tag and proceeded to absolutely DESTROY Victor to help his team pick up the victory.

I mean, wow…you want to see a guy who could REALLY get over if given the opportunity, all you have to do is see crowds react to some of the things Cesaro does inside the ring to see he could be super-over if WWE let him.

Ambrose vs Rollins 2– Next up is Dean Ambrose taking on Seth Rollins, a rematch from Smackdown that Kane put together. Kane then came out and said that if Ambrose beat Rollins tonight, then Ambrose would be added to the main event at Payback and it would become a Fatal Fourway match.

– This was a really great match. In fact, it’s one of those matches can could easily headline PPV’s. The crowd was hot and gave us our first “This is awesome” chant of the night. It really was a very entertaining back-n-forth match, both inside and outside of the ring.

Ambrose vs RollinsThe finish came with J&J Security coming to ringside and trying to interfere. Next thing you know, Ambrose is rolling-up Rollins for the 3-count and a MASSIVE reaction from the Montreal crowd. It was a great finish to a great match and you’ve now got a Fatal 4-way at Payback for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Fandango vs Rusev– We’ve got a squash match up next, with the newly babyface Fandango taking on a very angry Rusev. The crowd was going crazy for Lana, while Rusev was going crazy all over Fandango. At one point, Fandango was outside of the ring and began to dance for Lana…who then ended up “Fandango-ing” and joining him. Rusev went NUTS and sent her to the back.

Fandango put up a bit of a fight, actually…which was surprising. Still, the end made Rusev look dominant and continued the “I Quit” match storyline at Payback against John Cena.

RTruth vs StardustR-Truth was taking on Stardust next. I’ll give Cody this: he is giving 110% into his character. I could see him become quite popular when he makes his eventual babyface turn, but for now just be impressed at how much he’s putting into this gimmick. The end came when R-Truth opened a bag that Stardust brought down to the ring. The bag was full of rubber spiders, and since Truth is arachnophobic, he took the pin and literally ran backstage.

– Out came the most polarizing figure in WWE history, John Cena, to a deafening rendition of “John Cena suuuuucks…”, even AFTER the song ended. Cena did what he does best, and that’s work the crowd on the mic. He got some boos and then got some cheap pops. You can hate this guy all you want, but give respect and credit where it’s deserved. He then made his open challenge for the U.S. title and out came…

– Bret was about to introduce a “great wrestler” when he was interrupted by Heath Slater. Slater was on the mic for a bit and complained about being attacked out of nowhere. Then, out of nowhere, Hart smacked him in the head with his own microphone and then introduced a hometown boy who has made waves in NXT…

To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. This is, without a doubt, the biggest match of Zayn’s career. Time to sit back and just watch.

Bella beatdownNikki Bella was supposed to take on Naomi, but both Bellas were attacked by Naomi and a returning Tamina Snuka. So again, we’re supposed to simply cheer the Bellas because other women hate them. They’ve done NOTHING to deserve being cheered, though being attacked doesn’t hurt. I dunno…to me, this still doesn’t help improve the Divas division. Tamina may be big and talented, she lacks charisma of any kind.

Barrett vs NevilleKing Barrett made his way to the ring. Instead of having “bad news”, he started with “hear ye, hear ye”. I can definitely see this gimmick going over well.  He was teaming up with Sheamus to take on Dolph Ziggler and Neville. This was a pretty decent match, but seemed a bit rushed. The end came when Neville came off the top rope to attack Barrett when he was, instead, hit with the Bull Hammer for the pinfall.

Authority vs Reigns– It’s finally main event time and, at the top of the hour, we don’t have much time to end with. Kane, Seth Rollins, and J&J Security came out to be at ringside for the Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns match. Jamie Noble proclaimed him to be the special guest announcer, Joey Mercury was the guest time keeper, Kane was the guest enforcer, and Rollins was the guest commentator. While the match itself was okay, it was also rushed because of the time.

The match ended with The Authority attacking Orton before taking out Reigns. Just as things looked bleak for our heroes, in came Dean Ambrose to clean house. All three men took out The Authority before the three men turned on each other after Reigns speared Rollins. Ambrose was the last man standing as we faded to black.Ambrose stands tall



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