The World According to ZAH

  • E60I caught that ESPN E60 program and was refreshingly surprised that it wasn’t some type of hatchet job or joke. What I loved about it is that they treated it like entertainment, so we learned real names and real stories and real struggles behind the scenes at NXT. How can you NOT love that?? If this was a regular type of program on the WWE Network (i.e. behind the scenes at weekly RAW and Smackdown programs, or even live events!), then I’d GLADLY dish out $12/month here in Canada for it.
  • Rose & RosaI now have an even bigger man-crush on Adam Rose. Not only was he engaging and likable and personable on the E60 special, he also showed what kind of range he has an a character by going in and out of Leo Kruger and Adam Rose and then himself, Raymond Leppan. I’ve been saying it for months and I’m even more convinced that the character of Rose, as it stands today, can be a red-hot heel along the lines of the “Exotic” Adrian Street melded with a bit of Austin Powers; even more-so with Rosa Mendes helping him win matches.
  • Skull IslandI’m a massive Florida theme park fan, so I’m absolutely STOKED to see that Universal Studios Orlando introduced two major additions to their park: a new King Kong attraction (Skull Island) will be launched in 2016 and looks to be spectacular; and a deal was just struck with Nintendo to bring their video games to life in theme park attraction form (just think…a life-sized immersive Mario Kart or a Legend of Zelda dark ride!). While they may never overtake Walt Disney World as the #1 attraction in Florida, they’re certainly doing whatever they can to make a run for the crown.
  • Lana 2The plans I’ve read about the future of Lana are very intriguing. I mean, here is a woman without any wrestling training who is “Russian” and hates America. Now that she’s being cheered, there are talks that (a) she’ll leave Rusev or he’ll fire her, (b) she’ll admit to not actually being Russian, and (c) because of her athletic background, there’s a chance of her training to get into the ring. I think WWE knows that they’ve got a potential 2015 version of 1990’s Sunny on their hands and they don’t want to pass up the chance to keep her and make a ton of money. The next few months will be very interesting for her character. I really hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball with her.
  • Holy shit-snacks the photo of The Suicide Squad looks bad-ass. I mean…just LOOK AT THIS:

Suicide Squad

  • And Will Smith as Deadshot? I love the look…I really do. Check this out.


So yeah…I don’t know if the movie will suck or not, but I’m already on board.

  • I love Dwayne Johnson and have always enjoyed his movies. I’m not so sure about his latest, San Andreas, though. The problem is that the movie looks like 2012 or Deep Impact or Volcano all blended into one. I mean, I’ve seen earthquake disaster movies before…it’s been done already. How is this one any different, other than having Johnson do unbelievable superhero action sequences? I dunno…watch the trailer and see for yourself.

  • Damien SandowI’m already bored with Damien Sandow. I hope his gimmick is better than simply making fun of other people. I mean, I realize that he’s a babyface and all, but how can you go around to schools talking about not bullying people when you’ve got a babyface making fun of heels? Is he not bullying them? I just don’t know how that’s going to get over. I want the OLD Sandow back; I want him to be “The Intellectual Savior To The Masses”. At least that was an actual gimmick that you could work with. From what I’m hearing, though…is that he may come out with a “Macho Man-dow” character and team with Curtis “AxelMania” Axel. Sigh. Listen…if this actually gets over, then I’m all for it. But really, this just sounds desperate and ridiculous.
  • Tom BradyThe NFL released a report on “DeflateGate” this past week. Listen, I’m no Patriots fan by any stretch, but when you have “it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” as your primary thesis statement, then you’ve got nothing, in my opinion. Either you can prove that they messed with the footballs or you can’t. If you can’t, then you shouldn’t say “it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the NFL Playing Rules” because then you’re no better than the local weatherman (“There’s a chance of clouds and sun today.”). Either they did it or they didn’t. If you can prove it, then prove it. Are the texts damning? Absolutely…but they’re not definitive proof. If you can’t prove anything, then you need to shut the fuck up because this is getting ridiculous.
  • I didn’t hate the new remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I certainly didn’t love it. After seeing a photo of Casey Jones from the set of the sequel, I’m inclined to give it another shot.

Casey Jones - TMNT

  • They made a sequel/reboot of Vacation. Is it worth seeing? I think the jury’s still out.

  • Adam Levine was attacked by powdered sugar this past week. Uhhh…yeah, who cares? Fuck him.

Adam Levine powdered sugar

  • Mad MenBeen very disappointed by the final few episodes of Mad Men so far. I mean, the storyline seems to be disjointed and jumping all over the place. I don’t see where things are going, and really, that should be one of the biggest things this show should be doing: leading-up to the series finale. At this point, it looks like we’re watching any other meaningless season, only the storylines aren’t as good and nothing seems to be going anywhere.
  • Game of ThronesOn the flip side, Game of Thrones has been nothing short of fantastic thus far. It’s never been about death or gore or even nudity with that show: it’s been about compelling storylines and great acting. I’m totally on the edge of my seat the entire show, wondering what’s going to happen next. THAT is what makes it great.
  • Song of the week is by Andrew WK. It’s a song that I use when I’m running and I recently introduced it to my son, who LOVED it.


3 thoughts on “The World According to ZAH

  1. Although I know it wouldn’t happen in a million years, I was really hoping that was CM Punk under that Casey Jones mask haha.

    Adam Levine – Looks like someone’s been partying with Charlie Sheen

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know that Punk publicly stated that he wanted to play Jones in the next TMNT movie, so yeah…it was a long shot but I was kinda hoping, it could have happened.


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