25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers: #13 – Sable

Sable 13Sable 2Born Rena Greek, Sable is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She won her first beauty pageant at the age of 12 and eventually became a full-time model in 1990, working with companies like L’Oreal, Guess?, and Pepsi. She entered wrestling in 1996 as the valet to Triple H, but ended up working with her husband at the time: Marc Mero. It didn’t take long for her to become the most popular woman in sports entertainment and not only left her husband, but became one of the most famous WWE Divas in history.Sable 5

Sable 1Currently Sable is married to Brock Lesnar, with whom she has had two children (plus each had a child from previous relationships). They married in 2006 and Sable has pretty much been “off the grid” since then. She is very content to be a full-time mom to her children and has displayed zero interest in getting back into the world of sports entertainment for any reason. Sable 15Sable 2TRIVIA NOTE: In September 2012, Rena Lesnar became a grandmother for the first time as her oldest daughter, Mariah, gave birth to a baby boy. At only 47 years of age, Lesnar is no doubt one of the hottest GILF’s you’ll ever find. She has also appeared as an actress in Pacific Blue and Corky Romano. Sable 4 Sable 6Sable 14 Sable 16Sable 12


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