Throwback Thursday – Tommy Rogers

This past week saw the death of Tommy Rogers, who was known as one half of The Fantastics.

While I never saw them while growing up, I used to read all about them in the Apter mags (Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler, Inside Wrestling, etc), primarily because of their bloody feud with The Sheepherders (aka The Bushwhackers). I knew that in spite of their pretty boy image, The Fantastics were a team to be reckoned with.

They never earned any major titles (though they did win the U.S. tag team titles while in the NWA) and never really became major superstars (probably because they were seen as knock-offs of other teams like The Rock’n’Roll Express or The Fabulous Ones), but they were very popular in every single territory that they visited.

As I’ve grown older and with the onset of YouTube being the “go to” way to review my wrestling history, I’ve seen a lot of The Fantastics in a multitude of matches. I always thought that Rogers was the standout worker of the team (sorry…no offense, Bobby Fulton) and that he was the star attraction. The way he bumped around rivaled Ricky Morton at times.

And if you were able to watch Rogers’ solo work in ECW during the 90’s, you were able to see a man who could still put on a great match despite his height disadvantages (which, let’s be honest, were the main reasons he never got over as a solo act).

So today’s Throwback Thursday is a nod to Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics. Another performer gone way too soon.




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