“The Regurgitator” Stevie Starr – WTF??

Okay…I’ll totally admit to being a fan of America’s Got Talent. In fact, I’ve got my whole family addicted to the show. I had never watched a single season until Howard Stern signed on, and I haven’t missed an episode since.

Since I watch the show with my wife and two step-daughters, we usually watch it on DVR. I just happened to catch last week’s second episode of their 10th season on Monday. On the show, though, was somebody that I know I had seen before. I recognized his face in the commercial, but then I saw his talent…

I’ve seen this guy before. I know I have. My wife recognized him, too. Neither one of us could pinpoint just where we had seen him, so we did a Google search and quickly realized that he’s been on pretty much every show on the face of the planet doing this act. It could have been the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, That’s Incredible, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Late Show with David Letterman, the Arsenio Hall Show, or even the Howard Stern Show (shouldn’t that disqualify Stern from voting?).

He was recently a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent and has competed on similar shows in Germany and France. I mean, I don’t know the requirements for these shows, but I would assume somebody has to live in the country, don’t they?

It doesn’t matter. What this guy does is phenomenal. I’ve read a number of theories but nobody can accurately pin down what he does. Some people are quite skeptical and consider it primarily slight of hand. Others, who claim to have watched him up close, are adamant that his is 100% genuine and what he does is a freakish gift. Still others claim that it’s a complete trick, with the guy “hiding” items in the top of his mouth while his tongue moves around in a way that gives the illusion that the item has been swallowed (really?).

Regardless of your belief, you can check him out this summer on America’s Got Talent. Even though he’s been on American television numerous times before, he’s now in a position to showcase his skills to a much larger (and younger-skewing) audience.

Will he win? Doubtful. But I don’t think it’s about the ‘win’ for him. He’s made a career of doing this all over the world for 30 years now. If anything, this will give his career another kick-start and boost.

But honestly…I don’t know if I really want to know how he does this. If it’s a trick, let the illusion stand. If it’s legit, let us watch in wonder. All I want to be is entertained, and that’s what this crazy bastard does.


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