RAW Thoughts

SheamusHot on the heels of the Money in the Bank PPV, how will WWE move forward into the summer months? What storylines will emerge? Who will return? Who will get a new push? We’re live in Cleveland and it’s time to find out…

– We kick things off with a replay of the tribute done to the late, great Dusty Rhodes at last night’s event. They then showed an awesome video package that really gave historical perspective on a incredible career. I loved it. Kudos, WWE.

– The actual show kicks off after the opening credits and we’re greeted, all alone, by the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins…fresh off a victory in which he won without outside interference. In the crowd they show Johnny Manziel in the front row with a MIZ t-shirt…showing that either he’s really stupid or he’s happy to play the heel in Cleveland.

Seth RollinsRollins delivered a promo where he thanked himself and basically said he did everything in his career all by himself. He wants to punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame and thinks parents all over the world are naming their kids after him. He then said, “Johnny Idiotface over there isn’t going to bring you a title” (BAM!!!).

This brings out Dean Ambrose and the two former partners continue to go at it. After a minute or so, Rollins makes his way to the back. Ambrose then grabbed a mic and held a “sit-in” in the middle of the ring, claiming he wouldn’t leave until Rollins came back out.

Triple H and Stephanie are shown backstage telling Rollins that they’ll choose his next opponent later on in the show. Definite dissension between them.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus– “Mr. Money in the Bank” Sheamus made his way out to call Ambrose a loser. He then said he couldn’t wait to kick the head off Ambrose’s shoulders, which led to the two men starting an impromptu match. As has been the case over the past few weeks, Sheamus and Ambrose were involved in a pretty darn good match.

Sheamus wanted to walk off and take a shower, but Randy Orton appeared at the top of the ramp to distract him. Ambrose threw Sheamus back in the ring and rolled him up for the 1-2-3. Orton immediately attacked Sheamus and sent him running for the hills. I look forward to seeing just how intense this feud can get.

R Truth vs King BarrettR-Truth comes out, dressed like a king. I mean…he’s got a spray-painted Burger King crowd on his head, a blanket wrapped around his neck like a cape, and holding up a plunger as if it’s a plunger. Then out comes the forever-buried King Barrett. “King Whats-Up?” gets on commentary and proceeds to say that Barrett’s lookin’ angry and he wonders who his opponent will be. The commentators proceed to tell him that HE is in the match.

Truth gets in the ring and gets knocked down immediately. As Barrett poses, Truth rolls him up for the quick pinfall. Barrett then hits him with the Bull Hammer and complains about this not being a joke. Does this put Barrett over? I mean…HE LOST THE MATCH. So what if he attacks R-Truth after the bell? I just don’t get Barrett’s booking.

Backstage, “Machine Gun Kelly” is with all the RAW winners like Heath Slater, Summer Rae, Fandango, Alicia Fox, Emma, and Zack Ryder. Poor bastard.

Kevin Owens– We’re shown a quick photo recap of the John Cena vs Kevin Owens match from last night. Cena won, but Owens left him laying and took the U.S. title with him. He comes out with just the NXT title over his shoulder. The commentators (JBL included) put over just how awesome the match was but how disgusting the actions of Owens was.

Over the course of a great promo, Owens blamed Cena for the post-match beatdown and issued a challenge for a U.S. title match. He then issued an open challenge to anyone in the back.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens 1Out comes Dolph Ziggler (with Lana). He comes out and delivers a promo about hard work and sacrifice and declares that he’s going to bring a championship to Cleveland. Lillian Garcia begins to announce that this is a match for the NXT title…when Owens interrupts “blondie” and says that he never said this was for the NXT title. He’ll go with Ziggler, but it’ll be a non-title match.

– This turns out to be a THREE segment match, with Owens simply dominating Ziggler from beginning to end. Sure, Ziggler makes the occasional comeback, but for the most part this was a showcase for Owens; to show the world just how good Owens really is.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens 2Owens kicked out of a Fame-asser. Ziggler kicked out of an incredible German suplex followed by a cannonball. Owens then kicked out of the Zig Zag before Ziggler finally succumbed to the pop-up powerbomb. An unbelievable finish that really showcased both men, but still put Owens over as a massive legitimate threat to win without cheating.

Paige addressed the Divas backstage. It was a promo that was half inspirational and half evil leader-esque. I really don’t know what they’re doing with the Divas. It’s supposed to be all of the women siding with Paige and going up against the Bellas. Nikki and Brie show up, however, and says “If you want to side with Paige, side with Paige”. The Divas ALL walk away…leaving Paige alone with the Bellas. I can only hope this is a set-up to one or two NXT women being called up to be allies with Paige. Otherwise…WTF??

Sheamus & Kane vs Randy Orton– Randy Orton is ready to take on Kane…and I’m about to watch some random shit on YouTube until this is done. Seriously…I’ve seen this match 1,002 times. Enough already.

Sheamus came out, Kane made it a NO DQ match, and Sheamus delivered a Brogue Kick so Kane could pick up the pinfall.

– Backstage, Seth Rollins confronted Kane to gloat and took things a little bit too far.

Ryback is on commentary for a match between Big Show and The Miz. While I like the story between the three competitors, could you have three more boring in-ring competitors in a feud at the same time? Ugh.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and is looking to find out why Bray Wyatt cost him his shot at winning the Money in the Bank ladder match last night. Wyatt appeared on screen and said that because Reigns beat him in a match and cost him his own chance “at destiny”, he took action. It makes perfectly logical sense, so thus a feud has been born. This should be a very interesting feud. It should be hard-hitting and brutal. And yes, it should be entertaining. The only really question about the feud is how will the WWE audience react. They want to cheer Wyatt and many people want to boo Reigns. How will this play out? Colour me intrigued.

I also absolutely LOVED the fact that WWE showed that cheesy Roman Reigns / Fatherhood commercial with his daughter earlier in the evening, and then Wyatt referenced it during his promo. It was absolutely brilliant.

– Next up is a 2-on-1 handicap match with Paige taking on both Bella twins.

Paige vs The BellasThe match was alright I guess. I liked the fact that the Bellas were playing up the “where are your friends?” angle with Paige while they were beating her up. In the end, the numbers were too overwhelming and the Bellas won. I gotta give WWE credit…I’m sitting here wondering just what in the world WWE plans on doing with this angle. At this point, both Paige and the Bellas are acting like heels in different ways…so the crowds are cheering for both acts but not getting excited about either one. I hope there’s an end plan because right now it’s just a clusterfuck and a joke. I’m embarrassed for those women right now.

Machine Gun Kelly came out. I tuned out. At the end of the song, though, Kevin Owens confronted Kelly and ended up powerbombing him off the damn stage!!


New Day vs Neville & PTPNew Day is out and ready inside the ring. They lost the the tag titles WAAAAAY too soon last night to the Prime Time Players. Tonight, they’re taking on PTP and Neville in a 6-man tag team match. Gotta call it honest…the only time the crowd got even remotely excited was when Neville was in the ring. They also popped huge for the Red Arrow. The match itself was okay, but there was only one true star in the match. New Day needs those belts back because PTP just don’t have the crowds as a babyface team.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth RollinsTriple H and Stephanie make their way to the ring so they can announce who is the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Just as they are about to make their announcement, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring to hear it firsthand. Triple H said that he wanted to put the pressure on Rollins to make him better…then out came BROCK LESNAR!!

Lesnar got into the ring and stared down Rollins, who couldn’t look him straight in the eye for more than a second. Rollins then slowly backed out of the to fight another day. The announcers then confirm that Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar will take place in five weeks at Battleground, NOT SummerSlam. I’m intrigued.

All in all, not a terrible show. I could do without the rapping nonsense but Owens saved the segment. I could do without the Diva nonsense but at least the match had a good story with it. Two great matches helped save the show, which saw action slow down considerably in the final hour of the show.


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