Jurassic World: Movie Review

Jurassic-World-PosterIt’s now officially claiming title to the biggest box office weekend in movie history. About a month or two ago I think it would be hard to believe, but right now Jurassic World is on pace to become a global billion dollar money earner. It’s already a bigger film than any Harry Potter movie and it beat out The Avengers for biggest opening of all time. Suffice to say, it must be a decent movie.

I wasn’t shy about my feelings for Jurassic World. Initial trailers didn’t really do anything for me. I thought some of the special effects looked too “slick” to be real and was concerned about things looking fake. Thankfully, I was wrong.

anigif_mobile_e39ba4914b4d214e80ee79a1e0956e44-26Jurassic World gave me a similar sense of wonder I remember getting when I first saw Jurassic Park twenty years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the nods to the original movie with the monorail gliding through the “original park doors” and seeing an incredible theme park unlike any other.

After seeing the disappointing “attractions” from the initial film, it was incredible to see how the park had evolved over time to become a working theme park that was home to over 20,000 people on a daily basis.

anigif_enhanced-13465-1416937802-1The folks at InGen figured out how to feed the T-Rex in a way that would allow visitors the chance to see it feed. They had a petting zoo with the most tame dinosaurs so the little kids could ride around. They had one of the most incredible species of fish show off its jumping skills, only to then surprise those visitors in the stands with an underwater view of the monster eating.

Sure, the storyline wasn’t entirely different. Something happens and a dinosaur gets out of its cage. The only different thing about this movie is that the dinosaur is a man-made genetic hybrid that was given “upgrades” that allows it to be pretty much unstoppable.

anigif_enhanced-9094-1416937862-13Chris Pratt is fantastic in this movie. He comes across as a bad-ass without being overly macho or unlikeable. He explains his connection with the raptors and that storyline is played out through the movie simply by seeing the raptors’ eyes and reactions to other people. You can tell that they want to fight their animal instinct to kill him and accept him as one of their own.

Much like Jurassic Park, the kill scenes aren’t overly graphic. In fact, I was surprised that this wasn’t nearly as scary as I was led to believe it was. This was really a fun thrill-ride of a movie that was very reminiscent of the original film.

anigif_enhanced-13465-1416937802-1Does it deserve to be one of the biggest movies of all time? I don’t know if it’s THAT good, but I went to go see it with all the other people that helped it earn a $500+ million global weekend so what can I tell you? Hell…if my son asked to see it again next weekend I’d probably take him. If that’s not a telling statement, then I don’t know what is.

So while not the greatest movie of all time, Jurassic World is a LOT of fun and so much better than the original sequels were. At this point, as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron was, this is the movie of the year so far.anigif_enhanced-13942-1417001620-1


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