Throwback Thursday – Dusty Rhodes vs Harley Race feat. Ron Bass

Dusty 2It’s been a sad week since “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes passed away. Many kind words have been spoken and many a tear has been shed. One of the good things to come out of all this has been the resurgence in Dusty’s popularity, with fans clamoring to watch the special, unique talent that was Dusty Rhodes.

Today I think I have a clip that puts over everything great about Rhodes:

  • A match versus the NWA heavyweight champion, the incredible Harley Race;
  • A fantastic storyline featuring “Outlaw” Ron Bass as Dusty’s childhood best friend;
  • The in-ring ability of Rhodes;
  • The natural charisma of Rhodes;
  • The ability by Dusty to carry a conversation while still putting over a storyline (he commentates throughout the entire match);
  • The acting ability, making what he says at the end believable; and
  • The promo at the end tells all the story you need. Just an incredible finish to a great clip.

Truly, the wrestling world lost a great legend last week. But thanks to the WWE Network and YouTube, he’ll be gone but never forgotten.




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