The World According to ZAH: 06-18-15

  • Game of ThronesWhat in the world happened in the season finale of Game of Thrones?? I mean, Stannis absolutely needed to have the “Worst Day Ever” after letting his daughter burn to death, so that didn’t bother me at all. But is Reek now Theon again? Is Arya going crazy after her BRUTAL murder of Meryn Trant? Does Myrcella’s death mean that war between the Lannisters and those Sand Snake chicks? Is Daenerys about to be captured, influence a new army, or watch her dragon, Drogon, have a buffet of horse & men? Does this mean Tyrion will FINALLY become the awesome ruler of somewhere that fans of the show have been waiting for? Will Cersei’s “atonement” change her for the better or make her even more brutal? And just who in the hell was that insanely large guard who vowed to protect her? And what in the actual fuck is going on now that Jon Snow is dead??? Seriously…Theon lives but Snow dies? I already can’t wait for next season, but one of the most entertaining and likeable characters has been killed off. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s tough to watch a show when you’re not rooting or liking anybody. At least there’s still Tyrion…
  • Wyatt vs ReignsSo the next feud for Roman Reigns will be Bray Wyatt. WWE has got balls, I’ll give them that. I mean, here is the guy you want to try to put over as your next big superstar and you’re putting him against someone who is (at this point, anyway) almost as popular. I can guarantee that the first PPV match will see Wyatt cheered and Reigns heavily booed. Long term, they obviously want to get both men over so we’ll just have to wait and see where things progress from here. They’re booking Reigns in a smart way, having him about to win time after time only to be thwarted at the last second. That and improving his in-ring promos has helped increase the cheers of the fans, though the crowds have been more entertained by Ambrose, as of late. At this point, what do you even do with Reigns and Wyatt once this feud has ended? They both, apparently, want to be champion…so does whoever win go on to become #1 contender? What happens to the one who loses the final battle between them? I’m intrigued to see how WWE handles this delicate balancing act.
  • Fear the Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead can’t get here quick enough. After reading this past week that two episodes in FTWD will reflect a parallel time period from both Seasons 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead, I’m totally excited to see how fast-moving this show plans to be. The big change, obviously, is the fact that the show will start as the world is initially infected. Being in Los Angeles, the virus should sweep through the millions of people pretty quick. Do they just skip ahead at certain moments in the show? It’ll be extremely interesting to see what they do with this show to (a) differentiate it from TWD and (b) make it a zombie show worth watching on a weekly basis.
  • Prime Time PlayersIs it really time to put over the Prime Time Players? They just recently got back together, didn’t they? And not to sound rude, but are they as “over” as some of the other teams on the roster (i.e. Lucha Dragons)? And let’s face it, The New Day has been red hot as a 3-man heel tag team. Is this to differentiate the world champion from the tag champions? Or is this a Ryback situation where WWE wants the belt to (hopefully) get the performer over? Whatever the reason, it’s too soon. The PTP didn’t need to win yet and The New Day certainly didn’t need to lose so soon after winning the belts. Not sure if they just needed to pop the crowd at the PPV or not, but this was not the right booking decision.
  • Orange is the New BlackSo far, I’m digging Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. I’m only four episodes into it, but it seems like they kicked things off with a bang. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the brief 13-episode season takes me. Seeing Vause and Chapman going at it repeatedly certainly helps move the story along. On top of that, I’ve heard that there is a new hottie making her way to the prison this season. Bring it on!
  • Owens vs CenaKevin Owens, without a doubt, is the best thing going in WWE today. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling as a fan watching this guy get pushed to the moon when, just a few short years ago, it wasn’t even fathomable. And the tweener status that he has right now has me popping even more. I mean, he’s beating up John Cena and throwing some no-name rapper off of a stage. Hell yeah, he is. Score one for the anti-hero. I can’t wait to see what they do with him next. My guess is an eventual U.S. title reign and a place by Triple H‘s side as the new cornerstone of The Authority. The sky seems to be the limit to a man putting on some incredible matches and simply being incredibly entertaining in WWE right now.
  • Song of the Week is a classic mash-up from 2008: Led Zeppelin vs Snoop Dogg. It’s by somebody who doesn’t do nearly enough mash-ups anymore: Party Ben. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Zeppelin or Dogg, but I freakin’ LOVE this mix.


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