The World According to ZAH

Leo Kruger– There have been rumours going around that everybody’s favourite “party guy” Adam Rose will be returning to his original NXT persona of Leo Kruger and joining the Wyatt Family. In fact, many online “newz sites” insinuated that the plan was going to be set into motion last Monday on RAW. While it seems a little odd, the fact is that Rose is a talented performer in a gimmick that could have been developed into something fantastic, but instead was a one-trick pony that turned into a running weekly joke (the wrestling bunny? really??). Kruger is an interesting persona and I’m sure it could be tweaked to align with Bray Wyatt‘s mentality, so him joining The Family can totally work. From what I’ve read, this could be the way they re-introduce Sting to the WWE Universe for SummerSlam…as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will need a third partner to take on the new Family. I’m not sure if I’m 100% on board with this idea, but I don’t flat-out hate it, either.

penn_teller_s2– A show that has been entertaining the family as of late has been Penn & Teller Fool Us. The basic concept is that there are magicians from around the world who get on stage and try to perform their best tricks for Penn & Teller (and a live studio audience). When the act is done, Penn & Teller attempt to figure out how the trick was done. It’s a fantastically entertaining show and this past week I saw a video of an episode that we hadn’t seen yet that completely blew my mind. Forget the whole show for a minute…this act is insanely cool:

Cesaro– In trying to not be an online mark, I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in Cesaro over the past few weeks. Yes, it took his matches with John Cena to allow WWE Management to give him a fair chance, but Cesaro has totally taken advantage of it at this point. His in-ring intensity reminds me of Daniel Bryan a bit, so it’s awesome to see the crowds react to him the way they have. Will he ever be world champion? It’s hard to say, but if he continues to get the pops that he’s getting and show the charisma that he’s been showing, then I truly believe that the sky’s the limit for him right now. With Cena firmly in his corner, it’ll be hard for Vince to ignore Cesaro much longer.

Netflix Star WarsNetflix has been rumoured to have made a deal with LucasFilm to produce not one, not two, but THREE live-action Star Wars Universe series. I’ll tell you right away why this is a TREMENDOUS idea. Netflix normally gets pitched for a show, then signs off on it without a pilot having to be made. So this means they put a TON of faith into the people making their programming, but it also means that there is a tremendous amount of “hands-off” that you wouldn’t get on any regular cable channel. And here is what has me drooling just a bit…Marvel is currently using Netflix to show the “darker” side of their comics. Can you imagine if LucasFilm was to do the same? Imagine a kick-ass Star Wars show without all the jokes and nonsense. It’s not like online fans haven’t already thought about it.Star Wars possibility

– I don’t care what anybody says. Britney Spears is STILL fucking hot. I would bang her in a split second. Add in the fact that she can bend like this and I just don’t know how anybody would not want to get a piece of this MILF magic. Oh my goodness, oh my dayum… Britney Spears

12 rounds– Kudos to WWE for recognizing the potential in Dean Ambrose. No, he’s not becoming World Heavyweight Champion any time soon, but for anybody who thinks WWE does not believe in Ambrose just needs to see the following trailer for the latest WWE Films production of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown. WWE simply will not put their money into a movie backed by someone that they don’t believe in.

– As Ronda Rousey prepares to obliterate another opponent this weekend, she has truly become a “celebrity”. I mean, not everybody is parodied in an adult film. Yes, Ronda ArouseMe has been made and will be released soon. The film was directed by Joanna Angel, who is a massive fan of Rousey and thought this would be the “ultimate homage” to her. The party of “Ronda” will be played by Kleio Valentien. I don’t know if this film will do well or not (do people actually BUY adult movies anymore?), but there appears to be a scene where “Ronda” and “Dana White” get it on inside of an MMA ring. Ummm…I’m all for porn, but this just seems creepy to me. Am I alone? Ronda ArouseMeTough Enough castTough Enough is now officially a joke. First Patrick. Then Mada because Miz “saves” some chick who he thinks is hot. C’mon…this is ridiculous. Why are the judges putting people in the bottom three simply based on the videos that they’re watching??? Shouldn’t the trainers have some say in this??? They’re putting the favourites in the bottom simply to “teach them a lesson” or because they want them to “step up”. That’s bullshit. Now we’re going to get some dumb-ass gator-wrestler who doesn’t even WANT to be a wrestler or some no-personality ex-MMA guy as the winner. Or the Yeti. FFS…

Song of the Week comes from Demi Lovato. WHAT??? REALLY??? Yeah. I mean, the song is shit but she is hot as fuck in the video. Press play and watch it on mute.




Throwback Thursday – Jerry Lawler vs Bruiser Brody

Lawler vs BrodySometimes, when looking back into the archives, it’s hard to believe that two performers had met each other inside the squared circle.

Growing up, I had no idea who either Jerry Lawler or Bruiser Brody were outside of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines that I read. I knew that Lawler was stationary in Memphis while Brody was a territory-to-territory kind of guy.

Up until this month, I had no idea that they had actually wrestled against each other. I don’t know the backstory or the build-up but when two bona-fide legends battle each other, I guess none of that really matters.

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun tour – A Concert Review

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have seen some of my “concert bucket list” items in my lifetime. A few years ago I was able to catch both KISS and AC/DC in the same summer, which completely blew my mind and knocked off #1 and #2 from the list. I’ve seen Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, and Def Leppard so I’ve had a pretty good ride (which is unusual only because I live in a relatively low populated area and big acts don’t come around too often).

One person who I never thought would come around FINALLY decided to do a tour of the area months ago. I never put him on my bucket list because I honestly thought I’d never be able to see him. Trust me…I never in a million years thought I’d ever be fortunate enough to see “Weird Al” Yankovic from the FRONT ROW!!!011

I was actually shaking with excitement when my wife and I sat down. The view was spectacular and I couldn’t wait for the show to begin. I mean, I have been listening to Weird Al since 1983…and have ALWAYS been a fan (I even pre-purchased his most recent album on iTunes to ensure I got everything in a timely manner…lol). The seats were as awesome as I had hoped they were. 020

When the show started, Al appeared on the video monitors that highlighted the stage (one on each side and one on the back wall). In an identical gimmick to what he did on Conan last year, Yankovic sang Tacky live while walking through the back hallways of the casino, eventually appearing live in front of the crowd as the song was ending. What an unusual and extremely entertaining way to kick things off!027

Next up was an original song from his latest album, Mandatory Fun. I’ve always been a fan of his original songs and can list a “Top 5 Originals” off the top of my head, but this one wouldn’t be one of those choices. Still…it’s Weird Al and it was live, so YEAH!!

Right after that came another song from the album, his latest in a series of “polka remixes” that appear on every album. This song was called Now That’s What I Call Polka! and was absolutely incredible to experience live, primarily because of the tempo changes in the song. His video screens showed the songs being parodied, just in case people didn’t know. 018

At this point, Al left the stage to do the first of his MULTIPLE costume changes. To keep time moving along, the video screens would show clips from the past 35 years of Weird Al references in popular culture. You really don’t realize how much of a cultural icon Yankovic is until you see these different videos over the course of two hours and see just how influential he has been over the years. It’s incredible.

The next song is the only one that fell flat live. I think it’s really because the song itself isn’t very strong, and while I understand the need to play a Lady Gaga parody live in order to seem relevant, Perform This Way was more of a visual experience than a musical one. There are easily a dozen other songs I would have preferred to hear live, but I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining…just being honest. 017

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how surprised and excited I was to hear the next song, the title track to Dare To Be Stupid. I hadn’t heard this tribute to DEVO in years but knew almost every single word because, along with In 3-D, this album was one of the classic Yankovic albums that I listened to repeatedly for months and months as a young teenager (I think we’re talking 1985/1986 for this album). 074

An absolute classic came up next: Fat. The video screens introduced the song with the first couple of minutes of the video, then Al came out in full fat costume. It was just a fantastic experience to enjoy live. 084

After another video package, Al came out to do another original from his latest album. This one, again, isn’t a favourite of mine but is still funny as hell because you can relate to it: First World Problems. This has become a fairly popular catchphrase in our household only because it’s hilarious to hear any of us complain about something trivial. We’re assholes like that.

My favourite track from Mandatory Fun was up next, along with props to help things along: Foil. This parody of the Lorde song “Royals” has become a popular live song because in the second chorus, Yankovic mentions wearing an aluminum foil hat to protect him from the aliens. At this point, various people from throughout the audience actually put foil hats on their heads. It was a little surreal, but I guess it’s all part of the fun. 016

A classic Al parody came next: Smells Like Nirvana. It was funny because he attempted to recreate the incredible video by having two gorgeous cheerleaders behind him. They never appeared again for the rest of the show, so I then wondered just what in the heck their job was other than cheerleading. This song has gotta be hard on Yankovic’s pipes with all the screaming and whatnot.117

Next up was his first of two “compilation” songs, where he did a medley of some of his greatest hits. This particular set included some of my all-time favourites (Bedrock Anthem, Another One Rides The Bus, and eBay) in addition to some great fun like Party in the CIA122


Ode to a Superhero013

Inactive (sung from a Lay-Z-Boy chair)…154

…and Canadian Idiot. 173

After another video package, I saw the outfit that Yankovic was wearing and thought it looked a little different. The music started and I immediately recognized it as Wanna B Ur Lovr, which is a “love song” made up of cheesy pick-up lines that sees Al go through the audience and “serenade” the ladies. 177

Being seated in the front row meant that Yankovic eventually made his way over to our direction. And yes, he ended up singing a line or two DIRECTLY TO MY WIFE!!

I was freaking out at this point, so between the lights and his moving and my jittery use of my phone, this is the best shot I could get of the moment: 194

Honestly, I think I was more excited about Weird Al singing to my wife than she was. I probably shouldn’t brag about that too much…

Next up was an acoustic set, which was a pleasant surprise. Yankovic proceeded to play four of his all-time classic songs from the 80’s (including the one that got me hooked on Yankovic to begin with): Eat It, I Lost On Jeopardy, I Love Rocky Road, and Like A Surgeon. 014

One of his newest hits was next and was one of the highlights of the night, simply because he came out on his Segway and proceeded to CRUSH the song: White & Nerdy! 221

Another video package aired and Yankovic was ready to keep things going with (arguably) the most popular song from his most recent album: Word Crimes (a parody of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke). I’ve said that Yankovic is a musical genius and I stand by that comment. All you need to do is watch the video for Word Crimes and you’ll understand what I mean. 236

One final video package aired and it was time for one of his biggest hits: Amish Paradise. All band members donned big-ass beards for the performance and it was definitely a crowd pleaser. 262

At this point, Al thanked everyone for coming and left the stage with his band. Of course, at this point every single fan of his knew that this wasn’t the end and knew exactly how the show as going to end. Sure enough, Yankovic and his band came out dressed-up in their Jedi outfits from Star Wars to sing The Saga Begins. It’s funny because I have always disliked the original “American Pie” by Don McLean, but I absolutely LOVE singing this version. 275

The last song of the night was the one EVERYBODY was waiting for (and the lightsabers in the audience confirmed that). It was never released as a single (as far as I know), but for whatever reason his parody of “Lola” by the Kinks has taken on a life of its own and is his official closer every single show: Yoda! 279


To say that I enjoyed this concert would be a massive understatement. My face was hurting from smiling so much once it was all said and done. Thankfully, Sunshine enjoyed the concert, as well, even though she’s not a massive fan like me (she enjoys him, but that’s about it…lol). 

“Weird Al” Yankovic is, indeed, a cultural icon who still, at 55, puts on one of the most incredible live performances you will ever see in your entire life. If you ever get the opportunity, I couldn’t imagine recommending seeing Yankovic live as much as I am right now. SEE HIM!!

RAW Thoughts

Piper & HoganHot on the heels of a racist Hulk Hogan rant (and endless stories about the man), how will WWE respond so that the focus is back on SummerSlam? We’re in Oklahoma City and we’re about to find out!

The Authority– After a recap of last week’s brawl between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker, we’re treated with the trio of Triple H, Stephanie, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins making their way down to the ring. In a very odd situation, Triple H and Steph run down “a night of firsts” and announce the big matches for the night. Rollins then takes over and begins to tell the world about how awesome he is as world champion, perhaps the greatest of all time. But then…

Cena challenges Rollins…this brings out John Cena, who proceeds to tell him that he’s an arrogant jackass and a joke. He then asks The Authority for a world title shot against Rollins, who immediately shoots down the idea. Stephanie then interrupts Rollins and “puts it to the people”. The crowd goes nuts and then Stephanie swerves them by saying…

Triple H then says that, instead, a match will take place for Cena’s United States championship. Obviously, this is all designed to set-up the inevitable SummerSlam title match between the two where Cena somehow becomes world champion yet again (yawn).

Ambrose vs Show– For the “first time ever on RAW”, Dean Ambrose is taking on Big Show. To continue storylines, The Miz is sitting in on commentary at ringside. This whole feud is kinda silly without Ryback involved. Miz is talking about the IC title but there’s nothing he can do about it…so he’s stuck wrestling in a feud alone with Show.

Ambrose vs Show 2While far from a “barn burner”, kudos to both men for this match. Show did what he could to make Ambrose seem like a legitimate threat. Ambrose had the right type of offense that made him seem like a legitimate threat. Ambrose took quite the beating, but there was enough back-n-forth to make it a competitive contest.

I thought it was over after Show hit a chokeslam. I was actually quite impressed that they booked the match so that Ambrose kicked out of the pin attempt.

Show then hit a second chokeslam and Ambrose rolled out of the ring to avoid the pin, but then somehow made it back inside the ring before being counted out. A superkick and a spear later, and Ambrose was finally counted out..but he wasn’t!! Show hit a massive knockout punch and Ambrose was FINALLY counted out.

Chalk up another loss for Dean Ambrose. Once the match was over, though…Show attempted to spear Ambrose outside of the ring, but the Lunatic Fringe side-stepped him and Show went crashing through the outside barricade.

So yeah…Ambrose is tough. He can’t win anything, but he’s tough. Sigh.

Neville vs FandangoFandango, a man we haven’t seen wrestle on RAW in weeks, is shown in the ring trying to sell his “Fandango-ing” dance to people who probably can’t remember he’s supposed to be a babyface. What a waste of fantastic talent. Out comes Neville, and we’ve got a battle of babyfaces (I guess). After about 30 seconds of impressive offense by Fandango, Neville responded and ended the match about two minutes later with the Red Arrow.

Stardust appeared on the screen and delivered a promo on Neville. Inside the ring, Neville acted like Stardust was speaking Klingon.

Paige delivers a promo backstage with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, before being interrupted by Sasha Banks and Team BAD.

Paige vs Sasha BanksAnd funny enough, the match is up next! If given time, this could be awesome!

Banks comes out with Naomi and Tamina, and they immediately look like her stooges. I mean, she just shines like a superstar while “the other two” look like tag-alongs. It’s a shame that she’s aligned with two cast-offs. The only apt comparison I can make is that Sasha Banks joining Team BAD is akin to the Rock joining the Nation of Domination.

As expected, these two really went at it. The women know that they are in the middle of something special and really wanted to put on a display that was better than your “average” match on RAW. And thankfully, that is exactly what happened.

Damn…everything about Banks just oozes superstar. Her in-ring is fantastic and she has such control of her gimmick and character that you see her as a legitimate threat to beat Paige even though most WWE fans have never seen her before. THAT is the sign of a true superstar…when the fans buy-in from the beginning.

Paige vs Sasha Banks 2And it’s the little things, too. This wasn’t just two women trying to hit moves that they learned that day. This was two women WRESTLING in a match that was extremely entertaining. Both women pulled out all the stops in an attempt to put on an athletic display that would put their match on par with the men’s. And y’know what? I truly believe they did it. There are a select few women who have impressed me in terms of in-ring performances, and these two women are on that list. This was really good.

In the end, Banks hit the Bank Statement and made Paige tap out clean inside the middle of the ring.

Similar to having Kevin Owens cleanly pin John Cena, THIS is how you create a star in wrestling. Let’s just hope things continue for Banks. This was a really good match.

Summer Rae & RusevRusev made his way to the ring with Summer Rae by his side. He proceeded to tell the world the he was “smitten” by the “hot and obedient” Summer. He gave Summer a gift: a tiny, ugly dog inside of a box. He decided to name it “Dolph Ziggler” because it was ugly and neutered. He then gave Summer a headless, dead, cold fish. He then decided to call it Lana.

Lana then could be heard telling him to “shut up” on a microphone as she made her way to the ring. She proceeded to run down Summer before attacking her and rubbing her face in the fish.

She then slapped Rusev…HARD…before walking away.

This was a brutal throw-away segment that does NOTHING to help Rusev OR Lana. I mean, Lana is less popular now than she was when she was WITH Rusev. It’s insane. I just don’t know what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.

Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores– In another first-time battle on RAW, we get the Lucha Dragons taking on Los Matadores. From what I read, there was a rumour a couple of months ago that said the Matadores were going to turn heel and El Torito was going to join the Dragons. I hope this isn’t the case, but I guess anything’s possible at this point. I think it’s safe to assume that the Dragons are future WWE tag team champions…it’s just a matter of time.

Anyway, the tag team champions Prime Time Players were on commentary as the match progressed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Titus O’Neil is better on commentary than he is inside of the ring. Sometimes JBL does better work when he’s got somebody new to play off of…

In the end, New Day came down to the ring to talk smack to the PTP, but somehow this ended up resulting in Kalisto rolling up a Matadore for the pin. Not that any of that matters. The only thing that matters is Kofi Kingston‘s entrance with the New Day. Is there anything more incredibly awesome than this in all of wrestling right now?

Strange end to the segment.

Bray Wyatt & Luke HarperBray Wyatt and Luke Harper made their way to the ring. I’ve said it before…I don’t know why they put Harper back with Wyatt, but it just makes sense and is a great fit. The WWE Universe tends to agree.

Wyatt delivered an incredible promo that described why Harper returned to The Family. Harper then delivered an impressive promo of his own, which was a nice change of pace from the big man.

Team paigeTeam Paige made their way down to the ring. I can’t even begin to tell you the crushes I have on Becky Lynch and Charlotte (…and Paige and Sasha Banks…). They’re beautiful and super talented. The other great thing about these two is that, similar to Paige and Banks, they both have their gimmicks and personalities down pat. Completely unique and different and memorable.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs Nikki Bella & Alicia FoxThey went up against 2/3 of Team Bella (Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox). Well…at least 3/4 of the match-up included talented wrestlers. You could tell that there was a little bit of hesitation on the parts of Lynch and Charlotte, which is probably because they haven’t wrestled Bella or Fox very much. But still, the match was pretty decent even though the Bellas sucked the majority of the energy out of the audience.

Just when you thought the match was going to continue for awhile…

Orton vs Owens

– With Sheamus at ringside on commentary, I don’t quite know what to expect from this match. I’m obviously hoping for something incredibly awesome…especially if Kevin Owens is involved.

Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton 3The match was fine, but nothing too awesome. In fact, I started to drift off a little bit during the match. This is unusual for me because I’m a massive fan of Owens, but there was just something about him battling Randy Orton that just creates a yawn or two from me. I don’t know what Orton can do to freshen up his gimmick or his character (another face/heel turn wouldn’t help at this point), but he seems more stale than John Cena at this point. There’s no development or progression in his gimmick or his character. There was some last year with The Authority, but that’s long gone now.

Out of nowhere, Sheamus decided to interrupt the match and attack Orton for no reason.

Just as it looked like Sheamus and Owens were going to double-team Orton, out came Cesaro to save the day…that is, of course, Owens hit him with a pop-up powerbomb.

Cena vs Rollins– Don’t ask me why Michael Cole is whining about John Cena‘s title being on the line tonight and not the title on Seth Rollins. I mean, so what? How is it unfair?? Damn that guy pisses me off.

Anyway, so we were treated to the potential main event of SummerSlam live on free television. Huh.

The match was pretty good. I don’t know if it left me wanting more, though.

Cena vs Rollins 3

In an interesting turn of events, Rollins appeared to accidentally break John Cena’s nose with an errant knee to the face. The doctor checked on him a couple of times, actually…and if you took a close look, you could see that it was broken.

John Cena's broken noseRollins went for a Phoenix Splash (I think that’s what it was, anyway) and missed, which led Cena to slapping on the crossface for the immediate submission by Rollins.


All in all, this was a pretty decent episode of RAW and, in the end, better than I expected. Am I sold on SummerSlam yet? No, but I’m intrigued.

25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers with # 6 – Stacy Keibler

Stacy 13Stacy 3Born Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler, this former WCW and WWE superstar had an incredibly successful career at a pretty young age. She entered the wrestling profession at 20 years old and proceeded to have a seven year career that included magazine covers, movie roles, recording a single for a compilation album, and numerous high-profile storylines and matches. Since wrestling, she has appeared in numerous television shows, commercials, and even tabloids thanks to her high-profile relationship with George Clooney. Stacy 9Stacy 4Currently Keibler is enjoying her time as a full-time mother to her daughter, Ava, who was born in August, 2014. She got married in March, 2014 to Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. She is currently promoting the benefit of home births through her various social media outlets. Her website promotes recipes, fitness, motherhood, and other “personal journeys and amazing discoveries”.  Stacy 11

Stacy 5Trivia Notes: Keibler attended the Catholic High School of Baltimore before studying mass communication at Towson University. She was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens before she got into wrestling. She has declined Playboy’s offers to pose nude at least two times. Stacy 1Stacy 10Stacy 14 Stacy 12 Stacy 8Stacy 7

The World According to ZAH


– Overnight, the website removed ALL references to Hulk Hogan. He’s no longer in the Alumni section, is no longer selling his merchandise, and he has been removed as a judge on Tough Enough. At this point, though, nobody seems to know exactly why or what is going on. Hogan tweeted the following last night:

The only rumours going around are that a video of Hogan has surfaced with him going on either a racist or a bigoted tirade of some kind. But if WWE has gone to this kind of length to remove Hogan from their organization, then it HAS to be something major. I’m almost afraid for Hogan at this point…just what in the world could it possibly be that would be THAT bad???Hulk Hogan

I’m sure there will be MUCH MORE on this over the coming few days.



Wow…I didn’t realize it would be such a racist statement. I think it’s safe to say this guy’s career is over.


Brock vs Undertaker– I don’t know about you, but I’m confused about the entire Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker situation that’s taking place at SummerSlam. Yes, it’s a massive match for the WWE’s second biggest PPV…but it just came out of nowhere just as Lesnar was in a very intriguing program for the World title. It’s a babyface gaining revenge on a babyface and preventing him from winning the title. I just don’t quite get it. And really…were we all clamoring for a rematch? The first one wasn’t really a barn-burner. While this one will have a LOT more fan interest and crowd heat, I just don’t know how they’re going to elevate things. It’s just a weird situation.

Patrick Clark– I’m absolutely shocked that Patrick was eliminated from Tough Enough this past week. I mean, I realize that the guy may have rubbed people the wrong way with his arrogance, but he’s the only REAL future superstar in the group! I mean, the people they chose for this is crazy. The lack of passion and lack of personality blow me away. ZZ is a joke. Tanner is a joke. The girls care more about being in a cat fight than they do about wrestling moves. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know who picks these people for the show, but they need to stop picking people who don’t stand a chance in wrestling. Pick people with skills AND personality. Is that so difficult?

Spectre– I haven’t enjoyed a James Bond movie in years. No offense to Daniel Craig or anything, but I just don’t buy him as Bond. I realize the series has done quite well with him in the role, it just doesn’t do anything for me. I mean, when I watch the new Mission: Impossible trailer I get excited. When I watch the new James Bond: Spectre trailer, I shrug my shoulders and say “meh”.

– I don’t care how big and strong you are, if this happens while you’re in an airplane, you’re shitting yourself…just a little.

BellasNikki Bella needs to stop running her mouth about how she’s the “next John Cena” or the WWE’s version of Ronda Rousey. It’s ridiculous. There are a half dozen Divas from the past 15 years who would have easily run circles around her, and there are three or four Divas now who deserve the title more than she does. The ONLY reason she’s held onto the title this long is because of who she’s sleeping with and who has the current record for longest championship reign. Nikki Bella’s a joke. She’s an attractive woman with a shitty personality who doesn’t connect with crowds as a babyface OR a heel, yet she’s pushed as champion and delivers sub-par matches at best. I just wish she’d move on already. She bores me.RAW has a ring

– Is ANYBODY interested in watching that new Fantastic Four reboot? In a movie landscape where you really need more than just an “okay” plot to grab the attention of the public (not to mention an over-saturated super-hero market), I just don’t see a lot of success for this movie.

Stay Hyped 1– I’m a little surprised at the reaction that Hype Bros are getting down in NXT. I thought they would be more into actual wrestlers than schtick-y one-trick ponies. Mojo Rawley has one of the worst gimmicks I’ve ever seen. If he’s ever going to develop and grow as a performer, he needs to dump that gimmick ASAP. And now he’s with Zack Ryder as a tag team…who can’t seem to get over his internet fame from four years ago. Putting them together as a team, though, is pretty smart. It’s smart in the sense that Rawley can use Ryder’s experience to learn from. It’s smart in the sense that Ryder now has something to do on a regular basis that means something. It’s also smart because a tag team can hide both of their negatives and showcase their positives. I don’t know if I see big things for them (i.e. tag team gold) and I really dislike both of their gimmicks, but for now it’s a win-win situation.

– I’m STOKED because I finally, after 32 years of fandom, get to watch my idol perform live tonight. “WEIRD” AL YANKOVIC is in my city and I’ve got FRONT ROW SEATS, BABY!!! I’ve been a superfan of this guy since the first time I saw this video back in 1983, and it’s my Song of the Week