Throwback Thursday – Hulk Hogan vs Abdullah the Butcher

For fans of the “new school” of wrestling (i.e. Attitude Era forwards), there isn’t always a ton of knowledge when it comes to the history of the wrestling business. I understand that, as I’m not a huge fan of anything prior to the 1970’s. And I also understand the attraction of only knowing WWE history, as it’s “the big one” and fans don’t always know what happened before WWE became so popular.

Abdullah vs Hogan 1In spite of how he is viewed today, back in the late 70’s there was nobody more feared on a wrestling card than Abdullah the Butcher. This guy went from territory to territory, carving up opponents and pretty much guaranteeing a blood bath. He would put others over in the sense that if the babyface could survive such a incredible beating, then the fans should really get behind him because he was a tough guy.

Abdullah vs Hogan 2Abdullah had a ton of vicious feuds over the years, highlighted by the ones with Bruiser Brody and Carlos Colon. But in saying that, many people don’t realize that he pretty much faced everybody who was on top over the course of his career. One man who was just starting his rise to the top was Hulk Hogan.

Before becoming the WWE mega-star that people know him as today, Hogan spent time in Japan where both he and Abdullah were super-over.

This is far from being a 5-star classic, but there is something incredibly cool about watching two legends going at it in a match that would be considered a “dream match” by fantasy bookers today.


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