Mad Max: Fury Road – movie review

Mad Max posterOne word: Un-fucking-believable.Mad Max explosion

Is that technically a word? It doesn’t matter. This movie was one of the most incredible visual experiences I have ever encountered. I didn’t see it on the IMAX screen or in 3D, yet it visually was on par with anything I saw in Avatar with those extra features. Mad Max crazy leap

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? You pretty much need to know the back-story of Mad Max to really understand this movie. There’s no backstory, there’s no internal monologue to give us some kind of idea of where/when he is, and there’s nothing that sets up the action. You NEED to watch either Mad Max or The Road Warrior to truly understand and appreciate this movie. If you haven’t, then you’ll be lost from the opening scene.Mad Max the storm

The action hits you from the very beginning when Max (played by Tom Hardy, taking over the role from Mel Gibson) is attacked on the road and taken prisoner. The action barely lets up and is done in such a visually stunning way that you’ll never be able to watch a similar movie again without being disappointed. Mad Max what a lovely day

In fact, I tried to re-watch both of the original movies after watching this one and turned Mad Max off after a half hour. The Road Warrior was still very cool to watch, but the storyline made no sense. Why not just tell Humongous that you’ll fill up your cars, drive away, and leave the keys to the refinery for him and his band of merry misfits. Why blow it up and leave even more reason for them to come after you? Whatever…that was then, this is now.Mad Max wtf

Without going into the story too deeply (and really…the story isn’t even that important), Max encounters Furiosa (Charlize Theron, who basically is THE star of the movie and carries it with ease) and some very important people before going on a journey that will visually blow you away. Mad Max Furiosa

If you are a fan of either of the first two movies, I will you be completely on board with this reboot. It has everything that the previous two movies had (including Max constantly dealing with the death of his wife and daughter…though the daughter not being a baby in this case) and Hardy plays the part of Max perfectly. Mad Max

The director, George Miller, turned 70 earlier this year yet has given the world a movie that looks like it was directed by a young, brilliant upstart and not someone who gave the world Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet 2. He has directed all four Max movies (I’ll forget that Beyond Thunderdome ever existed) and has been tapped to direct the already confirmed sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland. Mad Max warnings

I’m already ready to buy this on Blu-Ray when it gets released. I can’t recommend it enough for any fan of any Mad Max film. I mean, this IS a Road Warrior movie for the new millennium. This IS a Mad Max movie with a massive budget. THIS is how you do a reboot. Mad Max damn

This movie is a journey into brilliance.Mad Max inside the storm


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