Throwback Thursday – AWA champion Rick Martel vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin

Rick Martel 1I recently heard a podcast where two guys were debating the merits of Rick Martel. It wasn’t really the “merits”, per se…but rather whether or not he can be considered an “under-rated” performer. I mean, when you talk about the best world champions of years past, how many times does Martel come up in the conversation?

Rick Martel 2The argument can be made that Rick Martel was a former WWE tag team champion (with Tony Garea and Tito Santana) and was also the AWA world heavyweight champion for over a year. But then the response from that is…ws he really considered a star during this time?

Watch the match below and it’s easy to see that Martel was over with the AWA fans, but was that more for him or for the great heels he was wrestling at the time?

Rick Martel 3I’d dare say that Martel’s best years were as “The Model”, the arrogant heel who had such swagger that I’m SHOCKED that he wasn’t Intercontinental champion at some point. He really was the total package at that point, but didn’t seem to ever find the true success that his talents deserved.

So I ask you…is Rick Martel considered one of the most under-rated wrestlers of all time? A guy with all the ability in the world who is usually forgotten or overlooked when people discuss the best of all time?

An interesting question, no?

Jimmy Garvin & PreciousAnd let’s not forget the awesomeness that was “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin and Precious. While I never really understood the appeal, the man was HATED wherever he went. He turned his small stature into a non-factor due to his heel tactics and the constant interference by Precious. I doubt that Garvin was ever considered true “world champion” material, but he certainly was a main event heel during the height of his career.


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