Battleground predictions

Battleground 2015WWE BATTLEGROUND  takes place TONIGHT and will be live from Phoenix, Arizona on the WWE Network and PPV. How will WWE begin to set-up SummerSlam? Let’s fined out…

King What's Up vs King Barrett

I know I am far from the only internet wrestling fan who is absolutely baffled as to how Wade Barrett continues to be booked. From his last Intercontinental title run (did he win a single match after winning the title?) to his current role as “King” Barrett (the whole thing has been a joke up to this point), you wonder just why WWE Management thinks he only has potential for a mid-card role. Barrett has won me over and I think he’s got the ability to become an upper echelon performer, but certainly not at the pace he’s going now. I just don’t know how they view his career at this point, because it doesn’t look overly bright at the moment.


Big Show vs Ryback vs MizMy understanding was that with Ryback injured, they were going to go forward with Big Show vs. Miz for the PPV. As of this morning, however, the match isn’t listed on the website. So let’s pretend it’s still happening, shall we?

I keep reading online how Ryback has improved so much since becoming Intercontinental champion. Sorry…I don’t see it. I still see an inherently dislikable character and somebody who isn’t really “over” with live audiences other than the whole “Feed Me More” chant. I was originally really looking forward to this match because I thought Miz was going to steal a victory and, hence, the title. He’s really on fire right now and deserves to shine with another run with the IC championship. As it goes here, I don’t think a loss hurts him. The whole point of Miz is that he steals victories wherever he can. As a heel going up against another heel, I just don’t see how he beats Big Show without some very big-time interference…and right now, he’s got nobody on his side (though I don’t think Damien Sandow is doing anything these days…).

WINNER: Big Show

Orton vs Sheamus

I’ve been saying for weeks now that I’ve really enjoyed the back-n-forth between these two. Sheamus has been really great since returning from injury, going out of his way in matches to prove his detractors wrong. And Randy Orton seems to be motivated by the fact that he’s completely out of the main event picture. The first two matches on television between these two were hard-hitting and intense. The attacks on each other in the weeks since have done a great job in building heat for this match (to me, anyway). Both men could use a victory here, but with Sheamus being the Money in the Bank briefcase holder at the moment, a loss doesn’t mean anything because that’s normally how WWE books Mr. MITB.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Reigns vs WyattOnline fans have said that this feud hurts both men and has stalled the momentum that Roman Reigns and WWE worked so very hard to regain after the Royal Rumble. I dunno…I think it’s great that these guys actually have something to do at the moment, but at the same time they both could use a solid victory to help elevate them to the main event. I think WWE likes that Bray Wyatt just wants to cause havoc everywhere and will eventually challenge for a title. They’re content to book him in feuds that don’t really mean anything. I also think that WWE believes they are doing the best they can with Reigns and hope to push him “naturally” with this feud. The problem with that concept is the more WWE pushes Reigns, the more the fans push back because they don’t like being force-fed something…even when the storylines dictate that he’s the extremely sympathetic character. In terms of the winner, I think that in order to keep this going for SummerSlam the only outcome can be…

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Prime Time Players vs New DayI’m not sold on the Prime Time Players. I’m not sold on their charisma, in-ring talent, or ability to keep the titles relevant. Darren Young, to me, has been extremely disappointing since becoming champion. He’s so damn soft-spoken in interviews that you care barely hear him, he doesn’t say “boo” on commentary, and he seems like he’s taking a huge backseat to Titus O’Neil. On the other hand, O’Neil has been on fire in all aspects of his character except for inside the ring, where Young is the better performer. Neither one of them, though, come even close to the heat that the New Day receive on a nightly basis. I wasn’t a fan of this pairing to begin with, but once they were allowed to turn heel and run with their personalities, they’ve been having a TON of fun and it’s been fun watching them inside the ring. I don’t see why the PTP are champions to begin with, so the belts really should be returned to the team that most deserves them at this point.

WINNERS: The New Day

Cena vs OwensI don’t know what you do with this blow-off match. With Cesaro and Rusev becoming involved, does that change the dynamic or does it simply set-up a SummerSlam Fatal 4-way? Either way, Owens is the WWE man of the hour at the moment, doing appearances at ComicCon while putting on some fantastic matches. With him losing the NXT title to Finn Balor, it opens the door for him to win the United States championship from John Cena (I’m hoping for another clean victory here, but I won’t hold my breath). I think it just makes the most sense right now, though I’ll be the first to admit that Cena’s run as U.S. champion has been one of the best in recent memory.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

Rollins vs LesnarListen…WWE has been setting up a Rollins babyface turn for weeks now. It won’t be happening any time soon, but it’s coming. In this case, with both J&J Security and Kane out with injuries, there appears to be absolutely no way for Rollins to win his match against Lesnar. I think the whole point of this match is to truly MAKE Rollins, who has been fantastic in his role as heel champion up to this point. In order for Rollins to continue to be strong, he’s gonna have to beat Lesnar to do it. Whether it’s by DQ or count-out or pulling the trunks or using the ropes, it doesn’t matter. Lesnar will continue to look super-strong and Rollins is gonna get his ass severely kicked before leaving Battleground still WWE champion.

WINNER: Seth Rollins


Agree? Disagree? Sound off and let me know what you think!!


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